VS19-20 – “Earnest or eager expectation and hope” – this means to stretch out your head to see something in the distance
*Paul saw the second coming of Jesus in the distance
*Paul refers to the return of Jesus in Philippians:
Phil 1:6 – “The day of Jesus Christ”
Phil 1:10 – “The day of Christ”
Phil 3:20 – “We eagerly wait for the Savior”
***The day of Jesus Christ refers to several things:
1.) The Day of Jesus Christ is all about Jesus Christ – Rev 1:1 – ONE PERSON
a. this Day cannot be stopped
b. Beware of false Christs
2.) The Day of Jesus Christ happens in one day – ONE DAY – 2 Peter 3:1-3, 10-13
-many events happen in ONE DAY
3.) The Day of Christ is all about ONE MOMENT – Phil 3:20 & 2 Thess 2:1-8
-Phil 3:20 refers to the rapture of the church
-Rapture – means to be seized forcefully in a state of ecstasy
2 Thessalonians 2:5-8
v5 – Paul always reminded believers about the return of Jesus Christ
v6 – restrain – means to hold back
-the church is the restraining force holding back the fullness of evil and wickedness and the revealing of the antichrist
-revealed in his own time – the Lord is in charge when the antichrist comes forth
v7b – the restraining force (the church) will be removed – this is the rapture
4.) The Day of Jesus Christ will bring the revealing of the spirit of antichrist in all of its fullness – 2 Thess 2:3-12
v7 – already at work – means is active/is a supernatural satanic power of evil
                a. this antichrist spirit has influence over nations – China is an example
Rev 6:1-2 – the antichrist arrives
Rev 6:3-4 – war breaks out – China and Israel
Rev 6:5-6 – Economic impact
Rev 6:7-8 – 2 Billion people die on earth in many ways
                 b. this antichrist spirit will be a lying, deceitful & authoritarian spirit
– Revelation 13:12, 16-18
-this will be government power to remove our freedoms
-the mark of the beast is giving allegiance and devotion to this system and the antichrist
-Rev 19:10-18 – shows how things end with the return of Jesus Christ