Matthew 24 & 25

v36 – NO ONE knows when Jesus is returning –
vs37-39 – the days & time we live in today will be exactly like the days and time of Noah in Genesis 6
vs40 – 41 – one will be taken in judgment – this is the unbeliever
       – one will be left – this is the believer who will enter into the millennium
***These are difficult and hard times, but be more concerned about glorifying the Lord rather than for personal relief…..John 12:27-28
v42 – Stay alert…Keep watch…Be on Guard……….
          1. You never know when an evil day will come – Eph 6:13
                      a.) THE ENEMY IS PATIENT – 1 Peter 5:8-9
-the enemy hides and attacks at the right time
-stay filled up all of the time
           2. This speaks of consistency which includes a spirit of perseverance – Gal 6:9
-perseverance is staying at something…keep going
           3. This speaks of the second coming of Jesus Christ – v42
vs43-44 – understand and know this
-if you knew the time when  a thief would be coming to rob your house, you would be ready.  We know the Lord is coming because of signs – Stay ready…
               What should we be doing then if Jesus is coming back soon?
***We need to be serving —– vs45-51
           vs45-47 – Speaks Of Believers
1. Every believer has an appointed place to serve – put in charge – means to appoint
2. Always have a servant’s attitude and heart
-a servant always does something
– A servant is willing to do anything
3. A servant is faithful
4. Servants receive blessings
vs48-51 – these verses refer to unbelievers
v48 – this refers to people being evil in nature – unbelievers
v49 – they live a life of sin
vs50-51 – they never get saved and end up in hell
cut – means to cut in pieces like you would do when you sacrifice an animal
-Matthew was trying to make an impact on the seriousness of hell