Matthew 2:1-11

The Wise men

-The Wise Men were astronomers, scientists and involved with medicine..
-They followed the star to Jesus Christ.  The star represents the Holy Spirit…
-The Star was moving – the Holy Spirit is moving today – v9
-The Star can be seen – you can see the effects of the Holy Spirit
1. the gifts were gifts given only to royalty
-it shows Jesus is King and the complete ruler of the universe – a Theocracy
2. The gifts came from gentiles
-Jesus came for those who are Jewish and Gentiles
3. The Gifts all related to the person Jesus Christ
-the star led the wise men to Jesus Christ only
-Jesus is the only way to heaven
-Jesus is our everything and our all….
                                                                       The Gifts Of The Wise Men
(1) GOLD
-Gold represents that Jesus Christ is God
-John 5:18
-We are only to worship the one true and living God – Luke 4:8
Matthew 2:2 and 2:11 – no one stopped the wise men from worshipping the baby Jesus
-Do not worship men or angels – Rev 19:10 & Rev 22:8-9 – worship the Lord only
-was a white resin or gum substance that had a beautiful fragrance
-it represents Jesus being sinless – Hebrews 4:15
-it represents us becoming more like Jesus
-we can live for Jesus
-Myrrh came from the sap of a tree from around the Middle East  It had a bitter taste.
Myrrh represents several things:
1. We can acquire bitterness because Jesus offends and bad things happen to good people
-the Word will offend us
-the will of God will offend us
-events that happen to us that are bad will offend us
2. Myrrh was used as embalming fluid when someone died
-Jesus was given embalming fluid which represents His death
-Jesus came to earth to die for humanity – this was the destiny for Jesus to go to the cross…