v25 – Jesus interrupts the demon and speaks back to him
Be quiet – means to put a muzzle on it
– This eliminates the enemy being able to bite us
– The enemy can only roar
v26-27  – the demon had to go because of the authority and command of Jesus
– Command – means to order and give a charge
– It is a military term
Acts 16:16-18 – Paul commanded the demons to come out and leave
– You cannot be cute with demons
– Jesus had to use authority Himself.  The believer has the same authority…
v27 – authority – means superhuman force…strength…delegated influence
– Ephesians 1:3
– Amazed – to be astonished and frightened
– Questioned – to examine & discuss – a prolonged discussion
– New Doctrine – means something fresh as compared to the worn out talks from the religious leaders
             THE HEALING MINISTRY OF JESUS – Mark 1:29-34
v29 – this happens outside of the 4 walls of the church and synagogue
– This is Peters house where Jesus stayed when in Capernaum
v30 – Peter’s mother-in-law was sick with a fever
lay sick  – was sick for a long time and was down in a bed
fever – means to be on fire/burning up with fever
– Jesus was called first
– Jesus moves in all sizes of groups of people
v31 – Jesus came and stood over her as a doctor stands over their patient
– She is healed instantly and begins to serve……means to be a waiter
v32 – they bring to Jesus all demon possessed and sick people
v33 – a steady stream of people come to Jesus
Things to Learn
1. Not everything is a demon
2. Focus on Jesus and not on the sickness
v34 – various – is variegated – speaks of many different kinds
– Jesus did not allow the demons to speak.  Why?
a. this proved there authority of Jesus over demons
b. Jesus did not want His ministry to be hindered
v35 – an appointment with the Father – prayer
– The best time to pray is in the morning….
The Secret Place – Matthew 6:6
– vs 36-37 – everyone is looking for Jesus – someone is always looking for us
1. Jesus developed a habit
2. Jesus got field up daily
v38 – no holy huddles……they wanted Jesus to stick around so they could receive from Him, but they did not ant to give a commitment to Jesus
The Purpose of Jesus was to preach the Gospel -REDEMPTION…
v38 – lets GO to other cities because redemption is for everyone…
v40 – leper – speaks of sin
– This man was sick physically and spiritually
– Imploring Jesus – means to beg and is an urgent appeal
– If you are willing – means to have the desire
– Jesus has the desire  – v41 – I am willing…..
v41 – move with compassion – gripped with love emotionally and spiritually
– This word also means to bring relief to someone when they have a need
Be clean – means to be cleansed at once
Jesus touches the leper
– This speaks of Jesus taking on Himself the man’s sin and sickness
v42-43 – the leper was healed and saved
v44-45 – the law said to send people who were cured to the priest. This would allow the ministry of Jesus not to be hindered…….