Mark Chapter 9


TRANSFIGURED – means your insides come to the outside
                              -means an outward expression of one’s inner character
The transfiguration of Jesus of Jesus Christ can teach us many things:
1. That Jesus is coming back soon
2. That character is a key component of the Christian life
3. The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ Teaches us that Life is not always a Mountain Top Experience – vs2, 9
***Mountaintop experiences are awesome
v7 – clouds represent the glory of the Lord
v5 – Peter wanted to stay on the top of the mountain
***Mountaintop experiences are fun
***Mountaintop experiences must be followed by daily times with Jesus
***Mountaintop experiences help us to get through valleys and rough times…
***Jesus is always with us on the mountain top and in the valley – Psalms 23:4
Mark 9:2 – Jesus was with them on the top of the mountain
Mark 9:9 – Jesus was with them in the valley
***Jesus took them…
4. The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ Teaches us that Man Worship is ending and Jesus Worship is in – vs4-8, 12-13
-vs4,8 – Elijah appeared, but he also disappeared
-vs4, 8 – Moses appeared, but he also disappeared
-vs12-13 – John the Baptist came, but he disappeared
Only Jesus Stays….. – verse 8
V5 Rabbi – means the Great One
v7 – only Jesus is recognized by the Father – no one else
-the glory cloud overshadows Jesus and a voice from heaven makes a declaration
Mark 9:14-29
v14 – the word disciples
The Bible and Jesus – The Great Commission – Matt 28:18-20 & Matthew 4:19
In our Times – The Great Commission – wins souls, but omitting something
v17 – they could not – means they were not strong enough
***The word disciple occurs around 269 times in the NT…Christian occurs 3 times
1. THE DEFINITION OF DISCIPLE – a learner, student, and apprentice
                   a. one who learns
                   b. one who practices what they learn – an apprentice
James 1:22-25 and Matthew 7:24-27
all diligence means “TRY YOUR HARDEST”
-we must take action to get strong in the Lord
-Jesus is our example and gave a strong effort
-it is the Lord who does the work in us
-it is a desire to go after Jesus wholeheartedly
-it is a choice to go after Him – Romans 8:29 – to become more like Jesus
-each believer determines how they want to be and live in the Lord
v14 – people surrounded 9 disciples
v15 – greatly amazed – at the presence of Jesus
v16 – Jesus asked the crowd a question
v17 – a mute spirit – the boy was deaf and could not speak 9 (v25 – deaf and dumb)
*at times name the spirit
*demons exist and are real
-the dad’s father steps forward to answer the Lord’s question
v18 – demonic presence and possession
possession – the boy was demon possessed.  Christians cannot be possessed
presence – the presence of demons caused many things to happen to the boy
seizes him – to control and pull down
throws him down – distorted convulsions
grinding teeth and foaming mouth – cries and noises…acting like a lunatic
body became rigid – skin withered up and was dry…he was paralyzed at times
***demons never show you the end result when they get ahold of you
***this is a picture of destruction
*GOOD NEWS – 1 John 3:8
v19 – Why couldn’t the disciples cast out the demon?
a. they had the power to cast out demons – Mark 6:7,13
     1. the disciples had careless in their prayer lives – v29
-Jude 20
     2. the unbelief of the disciples – Mark 9:19
the word unbelief comes from 2 Greek words referring to disobedience and distrust
*we disobey the Word of God which promises us authority over the enemy
*we distrust the Lord and become wishy-washy – James 1:5-8
v20 the demon launches a final attack because he knows the end is near.  When you are attacked the hardest and fiercest, know the battle is almost over and won.  The enemy knows the end of his dominance is about over…
vs21-22 – the Lord talks to the Father
-to build his faith – his faith had been shaken because the followers of Jesus could not cast out the demon
-to let him know that Jesus can do anything – v23 – “If you can”
-to let him know that you do not have to give in to your issues
Ex:  I guess this is the way it will always be
-the boy had been this way for years – Mark 9:21
v23 – this verse is focusing on Jesus and His power.
It does not mean that we will get anything we want
-place your faith in the lord cause He can do anything – His will be done…
v24 – there is a daily battle with believing and not believing…
v25 – the Lord uses His authority over the demon
-its a command…a military term
vs26-27 – the demon hits the boy with seizures one more time – violent and prolonged
-the boy is saved, healed and delivered…
vs28-29 – Jesus enters into a house to teach and rest