Mark 9

Mark 9:2,9 – we all will have mountaintop experiences, but we must also come down
                      —we come down to help people
v14 – Jesus came upon disciples…….Discipleship is a choice…
v15 – greatly amazed – they ran toward Jesus – always move toward Jesus
-by the anointing on Jesus because He was  on the mountain top
-because He was famous in the eyes of people
vs16-17 – There is a discussion going on and the father of the boy demon possessed steps forward
mute  – v25 – the demon did not allow the boy to hear or speak
a. demons are real
b. not everything is a demon
c. knowing the name of the demon helps when you pray
d. the demons found Jesus – don’t look for demons
v18 – Christians cannot be demon possessed
       -do not mess around with demonic things and the occult
-the demon pulled the boy down, he had convulsions, shrieked & cried out & his skin was dried out
v2 – 2 reasons why the disciples could not cast out the demon
1. their daily time with the Lord had decreased – v29
2. Unbelief – v19
to distrust and disobey
-distrust – you do not think the Lords can really do something – James 1:5-8 – you are double minded
-disobey – we disobey what the Word of God says – Luke 9:1-3
v20 – the demon knew the battle was close to ending & so he fought harder
vs20-21 – demons never show you the end result
              – demons steal your hope – things will always be this way
v23 – we will not get everything we want, but what the will of the Lord is
v24 – this is an everyday battle with believing and unbelief
v25 – coming against the enemy is a command
vs26-27 – the boy is saved, healed and delivered
vs28-29 – Jesus enters into a house to teach and also get some rest from being with the crowds of people