Mark 10:46-52

Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 9:2 – Jesus and the disciples come down from the mountain
-you will not always have a spiritual mountaintop experience
v46 – they came to Jericho
-this was the newly build Jericho
-the old Jericho was in ruins
-the Lord can take our old life in that was in ruins and give us a brand new life
v46 – Jesus was leaving Jericho
– it is never too late to receive a miracle from Jesus
– do not have the mindset that you will always be a certain way
vs46-47 – Blind Bartimaeus = he was physically and spiritually blind
-the Lord speaks and we need to listen to His voice…
-walk by faith and not by sight
Bartimaeus did not deny his condition.  He declared he was blind and declared Jesus could heal him…
v47 – Bartimaeus heard Jesus was in town
-Jesus is here tonight
cry out – means to shriek…roar like a lion…to shout…a loud humming noise
-a lifting up of our voices
1. we cry out to the Lord because it is scriptural
2. we cry out to the Lord because we live in desperate times
3. we cry out to the Lord because He limits Himself to our prayers
-the Sovereignty of the Lord
4. We cry out to the Lord because we have a mandate to cry out together
Leviticus 26:7-8
vs47-48 – this is continually crying out
Son of David – this was a Messianic term referring to Jesus being the one true and living God
Mercy – means to have compassion on someone who is in a miserable condition
v48 – the religious crowd and others in the crowd want the beggar to stop crying out
a. jesus never rebuked the beggar
b. continual prayers produce continual blessings, miracles, revival and victories
c. Luke 18:1-5
v49 – Jesus did not follow the crowd.  He followed the will of the Father
-the cries of Bartimaeus of the attention of Jesus
-when we cry out to the Lord, it stops Him in His tracks
vs49-50 – Jesus calls to the blond man and he jumps to his feet
v51 – “What do you want me to do for you”
Jesus was saying, “What do you believe I can do for you?”
v51 – the faith of Bartimaeus in Jesus saved and healed him
1. we need to cry out to the Lord because it is scriptural