Luke 24:1-12 2nd Service Mother’s Day

  1. The First Thing
These ladies woke up early in the morning on the first day of the week to visit Jesus’s tomb.
The first thing must be the first thing…JESUS
Spend time everyday with JESUS!!!
A Life of Praying
Being prepared!! Expecting!!! That when we come  to JESUS He is ready!!
Those woman, moms were up early and prepared to meet a dead man!!
BUT when we get up early first thing… we can be prepared to MEET a LIVING GOD!!!
The Lord isn’t looking for woman and men that “DO” it all right He is  looking for those who knows “The ONE who does it all RIGHT” and let Him “DO IT”
Raise our families to seek the First thing First!
Draw close to the LORD and CRY OUT to him everyday
Our Prayer life are our life LINE
Luke 24: 4-6
2. We look for the Living among the DEAD!
The Only answer the Only thing that brings LIFE is Jesus!!!
This is the Times we are living!!
Luke 21 speaks of these days…. perilous times, People will be gripped with fear
Our ONLY source for life is Jesus Not our children, spouses, careers, GYMS, hair salons, restaurants, nail shops, ONLY JESUS!!!
  • Let us be more committed to making sure our families are in church
  • Let us make invest more time in teaching our families the Word
Luke 24: 6-12
  1. Let us Remember
Remember that He is Truth and He never leaves His children
  • Remembrance is power when it comes to JESUS
  • Whenever you REMEMBER what CHRIST has done for you it’s POWER
The Lord is calling all of us to be a WITNESS that JESUS is ALIVE He is not dead!!