Lord, Pour Out Your Spirit

Pray the Word of God
Ephesians 3:14-21

-For there to be a spiritual awakening in our nation and world, God’s people must pray…

-we ned prayer that hits the bullseye every time

a. praying in tongues
b. praying the Word of God
***We pray for 2 reasons:

(1) to develop a relationship with Jesus

(2) to see a spiritual awakening occur
One Ingredient In Paul’s Prayer
you – is the born again believer

filled – means to be crammed full/filled up to the top/to have a complete supply/

fullness – means contents
-these are the blessing of God such as wisdom, love and joy…
How are we crammed full of the fullness of God?

-spending time with Jesus – always and consistently
-Eph 5:18…Gal 5:16…John 15:1-5…Psalms 91
-every believer has a choice to choose the kind of Christian life they want to live…

***Reasons for no being crammed full….

(1) being busy
(2) not making it the #1 priority on one’s life
(3) playing the blame game
(4) apathy
(5) backslidden
(6) not saved
(7) a lack of Christian character
-every believer has a personal responsibility to be crammed full of the fullness of God
-the believer receives many blessings from being crammed full with the fullness of God

3 Points:

1. Christianity is a continual faith – Col 4:2
-continue in the Word, in the faith, in prayer and in church
2. Christianity is a faith of works – Phil 2:12-13

work out – means to carry out to the goal/to grow up in Christ

a. there are no works to be saved
b. there are worse to stay saved or on fire for the Lord

3. Christianity is a faith of discipline – 2 Timothy 1:7

sound mind speaks of discipline

-every believer has a spirit of discipline

-disciple – – we get the word discipline from this word

-there is no easy way to be crammed full of the fullness of God

***Paul’s prayer is not a prayer to be filled with more of God.

-every believer has all of God as soon as they get saved and you cannot get more of God – Col 2:10
-pray – Lord I want to be crammed full of the fullness of God