Live Daily Filled with the Holy Spirit

As Christ Followers we need the Power of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the Key to living a life for Christ!!

Ephesians 5:15-18

  • Paul is giving an urgent message to us!! “The days are Evil”

  • Time is Precious don’t waste it!

  • Dont be filled with temporary BE FILLED STAY FILLED!!

  • The Holy Spirit is God in us!

 Acts 3:1-10

  • When we become Christian we actually take on the Spirit of God.

  • That Spirit is the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead.

  • That Spirit makes us ALIVE!!! It gives us POWER!!

  • The Holy Spirit makes it possible to do the Will of God

1.The 1st way to live a Life  filled with the Holy Spirit is to find spirit filled friends …..We need each other

Peter and John were together when they encountered the beggar!

  1. We all need Spirit filled Friends

Proverbs 27:17

  • People who are on Fire for Jesus and will set you more on fire FIRE

  • Peter and John had seen and heard Jesus do miracles just like this one NOW together they are following in his footsteps

Proverbs 13:20

. Friends that will believe for the impossible with you

Luke 5:18-20

  • Get plugged into the church, serve

  • Trust God with the people He puts in your life


2. Pray in the Spirit ALWAY!

  • Corporate prayer  meetings ……praying with family and other church people is powerful …

  • Prayer is what changes people, situations, attitudes and especially YOU!!!

  • ONLY Spending time with JESUS can change us

Ephesians 6:18

  • We have ACCESS to everything we need OUR family needs but we do not have POSSESSION of it without prayer

  • Just as we are connected to the cries of our children, our heavenly father is connected to ours!

  • Ways to do this….Spend time with Jesus everyday, GO to corporate prayer meetings, Be consistent… Be persistent … keep praying

  • Get baptized in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues!!

  • When we speak in tongues we are speaking to God NOT Man!

  • We get a bullseye EVERY TIME

  • Your Spirit prays the perfect prayer to a perfect God and the enemy HAS no idea what you are saying!!!

  • Speaking in tongues edifies YOU…. it brings you POWER Strength!

  • Speaking in tongues is Explosive to the enemy. It causes him trouble because He knows that it will change the Temperature of a believer so he fights it with every force he can get you to NOT too!!

  • It is impossible to be filled up with Power unless you plug into the Power Source


  1. Walk in the Spirit

  • You have to activate the power inside of you! That Power was given to share Jesus with others

  • Peter and John stepped out in faith and offered this man Jesus


EXPECT The Supernatural

Acts 3: 4-8

  • This beggar was expecting something

  • Peter and John acted on what they saw and heard.

  •  Statistics……..on average a person has between 12,000-60,000 thoughts a day of those thoughts 80% of them are Negative


Pray in the Name of Jesus

Acts 3:6

  • Only through the name of Jesus can people be saved

  • Through the name of Jesus people can be healed

  • He is just looking for people who are willing to be rejected!

  • YOU will feel the presence of Jesus as you even speak about HIM


Step Out in Faith

Acts 3:7

  • We have to step up and believe for the supernatural

  • We need to expect God to move on our children who are sick

  • We need to expect God to heal when people are sick

  • We need to expect God to give us words for people

  • We need to expect God to heal people. We need to live in a manner that

Peter and John were ordinary men filled with the HOLY Spirit and they walked in that POWER Daily

We can LIVE daily filled with the Holy Spirit!