1. Joel is the author of the Book
2. Joel’s name means Jehovah is God
3. Joel was written around 835-800BC
4. Not much is known about Joel – He was a prophet to Judah – the Southern Kingdom
5. Joel’s dad was Pethuel
BACKGROUND: Judah was in a time of prosperity and Safety, but was moving away from the Lord…….
1. The Lord desires to bless us
2. We begin to follow the blessings instead of the Blesser (Jesus)
3. We fall back from Jesus
***Joel is giving a warning to     vs1-5 – A Judah to stay close to Jesus or His judgment will come…
                                         CHAPTER ONE
V1 – A Word from the Lord
word – means news, promise, something spoken
-this is present news and future news
-the locusts represent the last days and invading armies
-the Lord can use anyone to bring forth and receive a Word from the Lord…….
-Word – the Lord speaks – Acts 13:2
***When the Lord speaks:
             a. it will line up with the Word of God – Hebrews 4:12
             b. you will have peace – 2 Thess 2:1-3
             c. An inner witness of the Holy Spirit – Rom 8:9,11
The Lord spoke to Joel about present and future events…
Lord – is Jehovah
a. means the Eternal One – Hebrews 11:6 – He has always existed
b. He is the Covenant Keeping God – Psalm 103:1-5
Joel – the prophet of God to the Southern Kingdom
-his name means Jehovah is God
-Joel’s father is Pethuel means God’s opening
He was open to the things of the Lord
verse 2
Hear and Give ear – speaks of listening and practicing the Word of God
-James 1:22-25
-repetition is important
***Two groups are to hear and practice the Word of God
1. elders – these are the leaders of the country – spiritual and civil leaders – those older and experienced
2. inhabitants – these are the citizens
***The Southern Kingdom of Judah had just suffered a huge calamity where locusts destroyed everything in their land.  Everyone is staring at the devastation.
***The answer to Joel’s question is NO…
The Locusts are real but also symbolic of 2 things:
1. the last days armies that will come against Israel
2. the Judgment of God that is coming to earth
***All of this happened to get the Jewish people to return to the Lord and follow Him
verse 3 – tell all generations what has happened.  learn and grow from this experience…
            – it also shows Israel makes it through this experience
verse 4 – swarm after swarm of locusts come against the land of Judah
     4 Stages of Locusts
1. Chewing locusts means to cut short
2. Swarming locusts
3. Crawling locusts
4. Consuming locusts – stripping and destroying
***The land of Israel is stripped clean and destroyed…
verse 5 – Awake – Wake Up – means to abruptly startle someone who is sleeping
             – weep and wail – means to mourn, tears and crying
***Everyone needs to wake up spiritually……..
***The locusts destroyed the vineyards and grains – no alcohol can be made
***People were enjoying their prosperity and drinking – no more…
***They needed NEW WINE which is the wine Jesus offers…
Psalm 104:14-15…Ephesians 5:18…Acts 2:1-17