Joel – Chapter Two

verses 1-2 – an alarm and shofar need to be blown to let everyone know the Lord is coming back soon…
v2 – a great and strong enemy army will come against Israel
-there will never be anything like this again
-there has never been anything like this before
v3 – the fire devours – this speaks of seeing the damage done by enemy forces coming against the land of Israel
vs4-5 – Joel tries to describe this war – the battle of Armageddon
v6 – in much pain – this describes the nation of Israel
-every face will turn pale with fright for what is taking place
vs7-8 – this is the description of the army which comes against Israel
-they will not break their ranks
-push one another – means they will not crowd each other – refers to an army that is very well disciplines
not cut down – this speaks of purpose and the purpose of this army is to destroy Israel
v9 – run to and fro – the enemy army will run throughout the city of Jerusalem
-Jerusalem will be overrun
-demonic forces are driving this agenda
v10 – quakes – means rage/tremble/quiver with violent emotion
-the Lord sends a supernatural earthquake
-the Lord still gives the world another chance to be saved
-Zechariah 14:1-9
v11 – Army – this is the Lord’s army – angels, Jesus and believers coming from heaven
Revelation 19:10-18
Revelation 14:20
-the day of the Lord is great for believers and terrible for unbelievers…
Who can endure it?  No one will be able to escape this day except those who turn to the Lord
                               JOEL’S CALL TO REPENTANCE
v12 – NOW – today is the day of repentance and salvation
Return to Me – means to turn back and turn around
-with all of your heart – this is confession and admitting to be wrong
confession – means to agree with and say the same things that someone says
Judas only made an emotional response to his betrayal to Jesus – Matthew 27:3
***There will be the fruit of repentance – weeping & fasting
Matthew 3:1-8
v13 – Rend – means to tear
it speaks of enlarging your eyes to see what is wrong with you…to see clearly
not your garments – tear your heart and not just your clothes…
          Why should we return to the Lord? (verse 13)
1. v13 – The Lord is compassionate –  means merciful
-to show compassion on those who are miserable
2.  v13 – The Lord is gracious – means to bend and stop over with kindness
3. Slow to Anger – the Lord wants people to come to Him and does not want to send judgment….And so He is slow to anger
4. v13 – Abounds In Love
-it speaks of the Lord giving solutions to people with problems
-He will do something for you when you are in trouble
5. v13 – The Lord relents
-the Lord is eager to forgive and bless people
-if people do not repent, judgment and discipline come
verse 14 – If people do repent, the Lord will bless them
-when Israel repents there will be grain and grapes to make wine which can be given to the Lord as an offering
-The Lord blesses us and then we bless Him
vs15-19 – Blow the trumpet or shophar (a ram’s horn)
-this was to assemble the people and get their attention to give them a message
-the message was for all of Israel to repent and fast
v16 – the people – this is the adult population
children and babies – all young children and babies
elders – these were the government leaders of the land – governors, mayors
honeymooners – those just newly married
verse 17 – this verse speaks of the religious leaders of Israel
porch of the temple – where the people assembled to learn the ways of the Lord
altar – the place of sacrifice and offerings to the Lord
Where is your God -= speaks of not allowing the enemy to see Israel fall which would cause them to express doubt about the one true and living God
verse 17 – the Lord is zealous – the Lord will not allow anything or anyone to hurt Israel if they repent
              – The Lord will have pity on Israel – this refers to the fact that the lord only wants to pardon Israel and show them mercy
-the outcome may seem bleak, but it is not over yet