Joel – Chapter Two

v10 – quakes – means rage, tremble, quiver with violent motion
-Just when things are the worst, the Lord intervenes
-An earthquake occurs – Zechariah 14:1-9
verse 11
The Lord’s army is Jesus, angels and believers…
*Rev 19:15 – Jesus speaks and the enemies are defeated…Jesus fights your battles
*Rev 14:20 – the enemies of Israel are squashed
-this time is great for believers
-this time is terrible for unbelievers
Who can endure it?  Only those who are saved and turn to the Lord
All of Israel will be saved – Zech 12:10 & 13:1
verse 12 – Joel’s Call To Repentance
v12 – NOW – today is the day of salvation and repentance
return to me – means to turn around and turn back
***repentance means to change your mind
with all your heart – this is confession and admitting you are wrong
-confess – means to say the same thing that the Lord says about sin
-1 John 1:9
-repentance is a heart change – Matthew 27:3 – Judas did not repent.  It was just an emotional response and not a heart change…….
-repentance results in fruit being produced
Matthew 3:1-8 & 7:16-20
v13 – rend – means to tear
-it speaks of enlarging your eyes to see what is wrong with you/ to see clearly
not your garments – this is outward fake repentance – no heart change
Why return to the Lord???
1.) The Lord is compassionate – means merciful – v13
-showing compassion on the miserable
2.) The Lord is Gracious – means to bend and stoop over in kindness (take action) – v13
3.) Slow to Anger – v13 – the Lord gives people multiple chances to change
4.) The Lord Abounds In Love – v13 – He has solutions for your problems
***Jeremiah 33:1-3
5.) The Lord relents – v13 – eager to forgive, bless and be gentle
verse 14
-if we repent, the Lord will bless
-grain for an offering to give to the Lord
-libation – grapes to make wine to be poured out to the Lord for an offering
vs15-19 – blow the trumpet (shofar – a ram’s horn)
-this was to gather the people together to give them a message – the message was to repent
v16 – people – adult population
children and babies – up to school age children
elders – leaders in the land of Israel
honeymooners – everyone needs to fast, mourn and repent
(this shows the seriousness of the situation)
v17 – this verse speaks of the religious leaders of Israel
porch of the temple – where the people assembled to learn the ways of the Lord
altar – the place of sacrifice and offerings are given to the Lord
-the Jewish leaders needed to repent
-Where is their God?
-don’t allow Israel to fall to their enemies to the point where they would express doubt about knowing the true and living God
verse 18
Zealous or Jealous——-As Israel repents and gets right with the Lord, the Lord will not allow anyone or anything to come against Israel ——-
The Lord only desires to spare His children and pardon them…….
verse 19
v14 – Leave a Blessing Behind
                       The Blessings of Turning To The Lord
a. the Lord will bring provision to you – v19
b. abundant provision – more than enough
c. this is the beginning of a reversal – from captivity to freedom/starvation to a buffet
BLESSING #2 – SATISFACTION – verses 19,26
Satisfaction – means to be content…fulfilled…certain and convinced
-be convinced and certain that only Jesus satisfies
-Praise the only One who satisfies – v16
-Israel forgot about themselves and focused on the Lord
verse 26 – the Lord will never disappoint you
Disappointment – means to be let down/ a feeling of dissatisfaction
How to have victory over disappointment…
1. Rearrange your mental furniture
-only the Lord doesn’t disappoint
2. Much disappointment is enemy inspired
-dis – speaks of separation…to part ways…disconnect
3. Idealistic expectations – idealistic vs realistic
4. Know the Lord – Phil 3:10
-this is fellowship time and intimacy with Jesus Christ
1 Peter 2:11-12 – By people observing our conduct, they will be saved
-Israel had been a bad witness
reproach – speaks of being disgraceful
-their behaviour had Israel’s surrounding nations wonder if their God even existed
-we can have a good testimony
-having a good testimony and being a good witness includes being verbal…