“A Call to the Nation” part I

Joel Chapter 2

v1 – this is spoken to the priests – the leaders of the nation

-this message comes from the Lord – Holy Mountain and Zion refers to Jerusalem where the Temple was located—the place where God dwelt among the Jewish people…

-this is a warning from the Lord

-I am coming – this is going to happen…it is near…just as a sunrise is coming and cannot stop it – so will the coming of the Lord be – v2b

Blowing the Trumpet signifies several things

1. it was a call to war

-against Israels’ enemies

-demonic spirits today

2. it was a call to assemble the people together

-there is strength in numbers

3. it was a signal of coming danger

-stormy times are coming to planet earth

4. it was a sound to proclaim a King was on the throne, ruled and reigned

-Jesus is on the throne now and will rule in Jerusalem in the future

vs2-5 – 

v2 – darkness will cover the earth

v2b – the armies of the world come against Israel

vs3-4 – nuclear warfare will occur

v5 – cruise missiles will be fired and hit their targets

v6 – everyone is in shock at what is happening

-why be shocked?  The Lord has given us signs that this would all occur

-Matthew 24

vs7-9 -these verses speak of end time demonic armies

*they have orders and are organized – v7

*they steal and rob – v9

vs10-11 – God intervenes – He talks through the storm…..

(1) The Lord says the Day of the Lord will be great and terrible

-great for believers

-terrible for unbelievers

(2) The Lord says to turn toward Him…

Now – v12 – its never too late to turn to the Lord

Turn – means to turn back/turn around/come back/repent

-with everything in you

Me – turn to the Lord.  He is our only hope

rend the heart – enlarge your vision to see yourself and what is happening around you

v13 – He is Gracious – this is the Lord’s goodness and He gives to us

Merciful – His compassion and jumps into our situation to help us

slow to anger – patient…waits…calls to us

kind – an action word speaking of blessing

relent – He can recall His Word from bringing judgment

v14 – God wil bless people if they turn to Him

v15 – this is to get people’s attention – to let people know what is taking place

v16 – everyone needs to fast and pray

-adults…children…elders – leaders of the land…….new borns…honeymooners

v17 – the leaders are praying because they were not praying and teaching the people.  But now they begin to pray to receive the blessings of the Lord…