Joel 3

Joel 3:1-2 – Joel talks about the return of the Lord…..
a. the Lord is going to judge the nations
v2 – Israel is the Lord’s inheritance – they are special and precious to the Lord
What the nations have done to Israel…
v3 – cast lots – Israel was sold into slavery
trading of boys – boys sold off into immoral practices
sold a girl for wine – girls sold into slavery for the price of a glass of wine
vs4-6 – the enemies of Israel are fighting against God Himself
v5 – All of our money is the Lord’s money…
vs7-8 The Lord will bring Israel back to their land
-what happened to Israel will happen to Israels’ enemies
v9 – proclaim – a declaration or announcement from the Lord
-this is the battle of Armageddon
-mighty men – skilled professional soldiers
-soldiers – regular soldiers
***This also refers to the church today and things are being stirred against the body of Christ…….persecution of Christians
v10 – plowshares – was used to break up the fields for planting
       – pruning hooks – used to cut back the branches
No Excuses  – everyone is going to enter the battle
a. this refers to today’s church.  Everyone all in
b. this also refers to the world’s economy – gearing up for war
vs11-12 – the Lord is enticing the nations of the world to come against Israel and they will be judged
v11- the angles of God join the battle – 2 Kings 19:35
v13 – this is the harvest of judgment upon the nations — Isaiah 63:3-6
***wickedness will increase
v14 – Multitudes  – this is the # of Israels’ enemies that cannot be counted
v15 – darkness covers the earth – Matthew 24:29-30
verses 16-21 – The People Of God Are Blessed
v16 – zion – is heaven.  The Lord roars out of heaven
-a great earthquake happens – Zech 14:3-7
v17 – strangers – this speaks of unbelievers
v18 – this is the millennial reign of Jesus Christ
v19 – nations will be judged by the Lord
v20 – Israel will always exist
v21 – I will avenge the enemies of Israel, but will forgive Israel
           3 Ways To Fight
1. vote for the best person possible – Prov 29:2
2. Pray for revival – 1 Chron 7:14
3. Be a Voice – Matthew 3