Joel 3

verse 1 – Behold – means to get someones attention because the subject to be shared is very important
—the Lord is coming back soon
v2 – the battle of Armageddon is mentioned
1. the battle of Armageddon is a real battle – Joel 3:1-2
2. Demon forces help influence nations – Daniel 10:12-14
-we fight against principalities and powers
3. The battle of Armageddon is between God and humanity – Zephaniah 3:8
4. The battle of Armageddon is not the end of the world – Matthew 24:36-44
-Jesus returns at the end of the battle of Armageddon
-the millenial kingdom of then set up where Jesus rules for 1,000 years
***One of the great things that happens when Jesus returns is Israel wil be saved and restored back to the Lord
——The Jewish people are returning back to Israel – Is 11:11-12
——-Israel will be saved – Zechariah 12:9-11a, 13:1
     How is Israel restored back to Jesus?
Relationship – to be saved, forgiveness is present
Fellowship – to stay close to Jesus, we need forgiveness for any sins we commit
1 John 1:9
If we – this reveals the fact that we will sin even after salvation – I John 1:8,10
a. we must take responsibility for our sins
b. when we sin we brake fellowship with the Lord and need forgiveness
Confess – means to say the same thing God says
              – means to agree with the Lord
Confession is not just talk, but we have sinned and need to repent
                     THE LORD FORGIVES
1. God is a Forgiving God – Jeremiah 31:34
-it is the Lord’s nature and core and essence to forgive
-Isaiah 55:7…Psalm 130:3-4…Psalm 103: 1-12
     2 Things To Note:
1. The Lord cannot forgive a sin that is hidden – Proverbs 28:13
2. A lie from the enemy
You have gone too far and have sinned too much and too badly to be forgiven – God forgives ALL………of our sins
2. Rejecting jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord will not be forgiven – Matthew 12:22-32
-this is when you die in a state of rejecting jesus
                                BELIEVERS MUST FORGIVE
forgive – mans to let go of….release… give up the right to hurt someone else for hurting you
(1.)  FORGIVING IS OBEDIENCE – Eph 4:32 & Col 3:12-13
-it is a decision…intentional…it is not an option
-it is not a feeling and an emotion
-Do not let what has happened to you consume you…you will not always forget someone hurting you