Joel 3

verse 1 – Behold – this is getting someone’s attention and is something important
-in these days & at that time – this refers to second coming of Jesus
-At that time – this is the time that the Lord has determined
***Matthew 24:36 – no one knows the time of the return of the Lord
Restore -= means to put back into its original state…
-Israel’s fellowship with the Lord was restored through forgiveness
-it is the same for us today by using 1 John 1:9
If we – this speaks of knowing we have sinned and then taking responsibility for our sins
confess – means to say the same thing the Lord says and to agree with the Lord
-confession includes repentance
-it is bringing our sin out in the open before the Lord.  It is not hiding our sin
Exodus 2:11-12
verse 2 – this verse describes the Battle of Armageddon
—Valley of Jehosophat – means Jehovah is Judge
-Israel is the Lord’s inheritance and so He fights for them
-Inheritance means Israel is a special possession of the Lord
          Revelation 16:12-21
v12 – speaks of the future and the judgment of God – the bowl judgments
-the Kings of the East are China – Rev 14:20 & 9:13-16
vs13-14 – demons are unleashed.
-demons influence nations
v15 – this is Jesus Christ speaking
*I am coming – this is a promise from the Lord
*As a thief – Jesus is not a thief, but like a thief and so we must be prepared
-a one piece garment was worn during the times of Jesus which was taken off at night.  Jesus was saying not to take off your spiritual clothes as you never know when He is coming back.  Be prepared and be ready…….
1. the battle of Armageddon is a literal battle – not just a story
2. Demons are involved – Daniel 10:12-14
3. The Battle of Armageddon is a battle between God and humanity – Rev 19:11-21
4. Armageddon is not the end of the world
-this is when Jesus returns and sets up His 1,000 year millenial kingdom
-Matthew 24:36-44
-the unbelievers are taken in judgment
-the believers go into the millenium
-the millenium starts off with all believers
v3 – Look what the nations have done to Israel
cast lots – Israelites were sold into slavery
Traded boys for prostitutes – young Hebrew boys were sold into homosexual activity
sold a girl for wine – Jewish girls were sold into slavery and prostitution
vs4-6 – What have yo to do with Me?
-when you fight Israel, you are fighting the Lord…
Tyre, Sidon & Philistia – these names represent all of the enemies of Israel
retaliate against Me – whatever you do to Israel, it will happen to you
v5 – all of our money belongs to the Lord
vs7-8 – Behold – to get someone’s attention
-the Lord will raise Israel out of bondage and give them a land to live in
Isaiah 43:5-7…Jeremiah 32:37-41…Ez 20:41-43
THE LORD HAS SPOKEN…whatever the Lord says will happen….