Joel 3

verse 1 – Behold – means to get someones attention
***John 1:29
In those days and at that time – this refers to the second coming of Jesus Christ
At that time – the time the Lord has determined
-Matthew 24:36
Signs of the Return of the Lord
1. Persecution – Matthew 5:10
-this is for living for the Lord
2. Materialism – 2 Timothy 3:1-5 (love of money)
-it is a desire for more and more and more
-It is a preoccupation for things
-Matthew 6:33 and Genesis 12:1-3
3. Apathy – Matthew 24:37-39
-you become familiar with spiritual things
-you walk in the used toos
-1 Chronicles 12:32
v1a – Restore – means to put back into its original state
-Joel 2:25-26
***We can be restored through Forgiveness
1. Our fellowship with the Lord can be restored
-1 John 1:9
-confess – means to say the same thing and agree with the Lord
-includes repentance
-it is the opposite of hiding – Exodus 2:1-11
2. Our fellowship with people can be restored
-Eph 4:32
-Forgive to stay right with the lord
-Forgive regardless of your feelings to forgive and forgive through obedience and your feelings will catch up with you
verse 2 – Valley of Jehosophat – means Jehovah is Judge
-this is the battle of Armageddon in Israel – Revelation 16:12-16
-the word Armageddon is used once in the Bible
     REVELATION 16:12-16
v12 – Revelation 16 takes place in the future
-these are the bowl judgments
-the Euphrates River supernaturally dries up
-China and Asian nations aligned with China invade Israel
vs13-14 – demons are unleashed
v15 – this is Jesus speaking
Behold – this speaks of getting someone’s attention
I AM COMING – a promise from Jesus
As a thief – Jesus is not a thief, but is coming when people will not think that He is coming
*Watch…Be Prepared…Keep your clothes on (spiritual clothes)
a. it is a real battle – not symbolic and just a story
b. it is demon driven –
c. It is a battle between God and humanity – Rev 19:11-21
d. It is not the end of the world
-Jesus comes back and sets up His kingdom – the millennium