Joel 2

verse 1 – Sound an Alarm
-it means to split the ears
-an alarm is to wake people up – Romans 13:11
On My Holy Mountain/In Zion – this comes from the temple in Israel
                                                – this is from the Lord and people
Tremble – be terrified for the lord is coming back
A day of gloominess & darkness
-darkness will cover the earth and the light of Jesus will come through the sky
-Matthew 24:29-30 & Revelation 19:11
***The day of the Lord will happen – Nothing can stop it
EX: just like the morning clouds and fog over the mountains that the sun burns off
Nothing can stop the Lord from returning and the Lord from moving…
verse 2 – a great and strong people – this refers to a mighty army of people coming against Israel
-Who will come against Israel?
            a. Rev 16:12-16 – China
            b. Russia and its allies – Ezekiel 38
verse 3 – a fire devours before them
-these are the explosions ahead of the enemy armies
Garden of Eden – this is the nation of Israel and the blessings of that land
v4 – this is what Joel sees
v5 – most people believe these are missiles being fired
v6 – in much pain – Israel will be wounded and shaken and be in pain
vs7-8 – this is the description of the army that comes against Israel
-they will be a fine well-oiled machine/staying in their ranks
Push one another – v8 – means one will not crowd the other
-this refers to the training and discipline of the troops coming against Israel
They are not cut down – this refers to the destruction of Israel
verse 9 – run to and fro – the enemy army will run through the city of Jerusalem
verse 10 – quakes – means rage, tremble, quiver with violent emotion
-a huge earthquake will erupt
-the Lord gives the world one more chance to be saved
-Zechariah 14:1-9
verse 11 – The Lord’s army is Jesus, the church and angels who come from heaven
Rev 19:15 – Jesus speaks and the enemies are destroyed
Rev 14:20 – the blood of the enemy will run to the depths of the horse’s bridle
Who can endure it?  No one will be able to escape this day except those who know Jesus…….
This day is great for believers and terrible for unbelievers…