Matthew 11:1-6: “are you the Coming One?”
When there is a spirit of expectancy in the body of Christ- GOD MOVES
John the Baptist could not see all that was happening around him because he was distracted by his own circumstances.
Many before us have cried out in tears for REVIVAL: Let’s not waste this moment.
3 R’s towards REVIVAL
R #1- REPENTANCE: Colossians 3:4-14
Sins of the heart: Jealousy, Envy, Bitterness, Hatred, Pride, Unforgiveness…..
Sins of the heart can be sneaky and we need to be on guard to notice them and get them out. 
R #2- RESPOND :1 Samuel 3:4-10
God chose to speak to use Samuel for two reasons:
1- because Samuel was humble and ready
2- because Samuel was quick to respond to the Lord the second He moved.
To receive from the Lord we need to be humble and ready at all times. 
R #3- REACH: Acts 1:6-7
“You got one job…….win souls”
Samaritans: They are the outcast. They seem hopeless; too far gone.
Jesus gives Tips on how to reach Samaria in John Chapter 4.
It’s Happening. 
Repent so that we can be filled
Respond to the move of Holy Spirit
Reach the lost. We have one job…..winning souls.