The Invasion Of Israel Part 3

Ez 37-39

* The book Ezekiel was written 2,500 years ago – God wrote the book

* The Word of the Lord – all of these events are going to happen

* These events are future events

v1 – Gog – means a hostile prince

– This is the leader or head of an alliance of nations

– Land of Magog – this is southern Russia

vs2-3 – Prophecy against Gog – the leader of Russia

v3 – The Lord is against Russia

Why? Russia’s leaders are against the Lord and Israel

v3 – The Lord is against all of our enemies

v4 – The Lord pulls Russia and their alliance into Israel

The Lord is in control of people and nations

vs5-6 – The alliance Gog and Russia are leading

Magog – are the stars such as Uzbekistan

Rosh – means top/chief/head/summit – this is Russia

Meshech/Tubal/Gomer/Togarmah – this is modern-day Turkey

Persia – is Iran

Cush – is Ethiopia & Sudan

Put – Lybia/Algeria/Tunisia

Israel is surrounded by Islamic nations

v7 – Ezekiel and the lord are being funny here

– Get your armies ready for a big defeat

v8 – This battle will happen in the last days – vs8,11

– Probably during the 7 year tribulation period during a time of peace – Daniel 9:26-27

v8b – Israel wil be dwelling in safety


Why does this Russian alliance invade Israel?

a. v10 – an evil plan – to wipe out the Jewish people

b. vs11-12 – to take Israel’s wealth

c. v12 – an acquire more land

v13 – Countries and armies against Russia

Sheba and Dedan – Saudi Arabia and other middle East countries like Dubai and Bahrain

Merchants of Tarshish nd their young lions

– This is England and its territories including the U.S…

v14 – The Russian alliance knows about Israelis peace pact and riches and it is now time to attack

vs15-16 – They invade Israel like a cloud

– They will meet the lord face to face

v17 – This will occur

v18 – Our God is a God of love and judgment – against sin

v19 – The Lord fights against Russian and its alliance of nations

vs19-20 – a great earthquake

v21 – sword – the enemy will fight against each other

v22 – pestilence & disease sent among the Russian alliance

– Flooding rain

– Great hailstones

– Fire and brimstone

v23 – The world will fully acknowledge that Jesus is the truant living God