The Invasion Of Israel Part 2

Ezekiel 37

v1 – Ezekiel sees a bunch of dry bones in a valley in a vision

vs9-11 – these bones represent the nation of Israel. These bones are scattered but now come together and live…


– This is a sign of the second return of the Lord

– Isaiah 11:11-12

– The Lord is going to save Israel in the last days

– It is a promise and He will perform it

– Ezekiel 11:16-21

*** The Lord saves Israel
– They receive the Holy Spirit

– They are saved from eternal damnation and death

– He gives them life

v13 – Israel will then realize that He is the true and living God

vs15-20 – Unified

vs15-16 – there are 2 sticks which represents Israel being divided

v17 – 20 – these 2 sticks become one – no more division

v22 – once Israel is redeemed, they will have on King – His name is Jesus – Rev 19:11-16
a. v24 – David My servant will be king – this is Jesus also

– Since Jesus is King, this means we are part of a theocracy and not a democracy.

v23 – When anyone gets saved, there is fruit. You will know them by their fruit…

Some fruit:

– Israel leaves their idols
– They will not go to places that go against the Word of God
– They will not follow religious rules and regulations – detestable things

v24 – They will obey the Word of God

One Shepherd – this is Jesus – there is only one way to heaven and one voice to listen to…

v25 – Jesus will be their Ruler forever
– This refers to the millennial reign of Jesus

v26 – There will finally be peace ———– worldwide peace
– Real peace is only found in jesus Christ – He is the Prince of Peace

– The millennial reign of Jesus Christ is a time of true peace

– There will be peace now forever

v26 – My Sanctuary – this is the person and presence of the Lord
– Jesus will be there
– He will rule from Jerusalem
– You can come and see Him
– The Temple will be there – a place of worship

v28 – Sanctify Israel – the Lord has set Israel apart from every other nation. Israel will be the head and not the tail….

– Things completely turn around for Israel….