I Saw The Lord 5/24

Isaiah 6:1-13
The Lord is sitting on a Throne
a.  There is only one throne – “A THRONE”
-there is only one true and living God and all other gods are false
— we have 21st century gods also
b. Lord is Adonai – means master; sir; the One in control; owner; Lord
-since Adonai is our owner, He is responsible to take care of us
-1 Kings 17:1-9 – Adonai is our Provider….
c. Focus on Adonai
Saw – means to clearly see/observe
-He is sitting and we are seated with Him
-Do not look down
-Col 3:1-4 – set your affections on things above…
How can we have peace and rest during troubled times and during this virus?
1. Know who you are in Christ
2. Know Jesus is in Control – He is on the throne…
a. Jesus is in control theologically
b. Jesus is in control of those who want Him to be in control
Surrender to the control of the Lord and do not doubt the Lord is in control……and Jesus is still on the throne – Revelation 4:2