“Healing” Acts 3:1-26


Acts 3:1-26

v1 – verse 1 reveals 2 ways we can receive healing

     1. prayer

-unless believers pray, nothing much happens

-the Lord limits Himself to working through human beings to accomplish His will on earth

     2. the cross – 3pm is the same time that jesus Christ died.  Jesus died that we may have everlasting life and also receive healing……

v2 – this man was crippled from birth & is now over 40 years old – Acts 4:22

Being crippled speaks of two things:

     a. a physical ailment and limitation

     b. this shows the crippled man was not saved…we are all crippled by sin from birth.  There is nothing spiritually crippled people can do to heal themselves.  You must be born again…..You are found by the Lord……

***You can help people in a lot of ways,  but eternal help is most important………

*THis mans condition is completely and totally changed…….

v 3 – two things to learn:

     1. not everyone is healed here on earth…….Jesus did not personally heal this man.  He used other people to get the job done

     2. Jesus uses people – others – to do His work

v4 – always be ready to be used by the Lord.  It could be God’s time for a person to be healed…

v5 – live with a spirit of expectation

-you will receive so much more than what you are expecting to receive

vs6-7 – it is the Lord who heals people – through His authority – in His name…

-He can use anyone to get the job done – v12 

-it was a miraculous healing – instantaneous – (process)….

Declare to everyone that Jesus is the Healer and Savior of the world…vs12-20

-God did it – vs13-15 – the 2 words “Holy One” shows that Jesus Christ is God…