Heal Our Land

  1. The Lord will heal our land if the people of God to cry out to the Lord in prayer – 2 Chronicles 20


Why do we cry out to the Lord


  • We cry out to the Lord because it is scriptural

  • There are many scriptures in the bible about crying out to the Lord

  • We must cry out to the Lord because the Lord Limits Himself to our prayers

  • Prayer is the key for things to happen

  •  If we will pray; the Lord will move and do great things

  •  If we do not pray, the Lord cannot do everything He wants to do

  • We are living in desperate times

  • Throughout the bible when a nation or anyone experienced a crisis they cried out to the Lord, and He heard and answered their prayer


Example The nation of Judah was in trouble, they cried out to the Lord and he saved and deliver them 2 Chronicles 20:1-15


  • Jehoshaphat was king over Judah and was faced with a difficult situation

  • The Moabites, Ammonites and others came to battle against Jehoshaphat

  • Jehoshaphat gathers the nation together to seek God together and proclaims a fast (2Ch 20:3-4)

– Fasting – abstaining from all food for a period of time (typically a day or more) and drinking only water.


– In Mark 9:28-29, Jesus explained that prayer and fasting together were a source of significant spiritual power

– It draws us closer to the heart of God, and put us more in line with His power

– Fasting is a powerful expression of our total dependence on Him.


  • Jehoshaphat leads the assembly in prayer (2 Chronicles 20:5-12

  • God answers Jehoshaphat’s prayer and the people received their deliverance


Some things the Lord will do as we cry out to the Lord

  • He will awaken the church

  • He will bring salvation to our nation

  • He will restore families

  • He will deliver from the power of darkness

  • We the church will experience His power and presence

  • When we pray we can be sure that the Lord will answer our prayer


Crying out made Jesus Stop – Mark 10:46-52


  • People tried to shut up blind Bartimaeus but they could not

  • He was persistence and determined

  • He really wanted a touch from Jesus

  • As a result it stop Jesus and he receive healing

  • Our nation desperately need the Lord to intervene and so we must continue to cry

  • That the Lord will heal our land

  • Jesus will not pass us by


  1. The Lord will heal our land if the People of God Repent – 2 Chronicles 7:14


Repent: (metanoia) means to change your mind. (180° turn) toward God.

We need to Repent from every sin here are a few

  • For killing babies

  • Sin of neglecting the truth of God word and believing what we want to be truth

  • For worshiping other gods

  • For redefining marriage and family


We are living in a post christian society and we need to take a stand for what we believe and then set the example


  1. The Lord will heal our land as the people of God witness and preach the Gospel – Matthew 28:18-20


  • Jesus is coming back soon.

As we pray we can be a part of the answer to our prayer for healing the Land by witnessing and sharing the Gospel.

Jesus is Hope and the answer for healing of our nation and the world-

  • He is the way the the truth and the Life John 14:6

  •  Not things, not religion or other gods

  • God want was to pray and seek His face, and to repent

  •  He wants us to be a part of the solution for healing our land.


One person, one family, one community, one city, one state at a time

  • You cannot conquer darkness by arguing with it. Just switch the light on. The gospel is power, power for light. We need to preach it and experience healing