Haggai Chapter One

The Word Of The Lord – this is a Word directly from God-the Lord used Haggai to give it
-OT – prophets spoke and instructed people-NT – people can only confirm what God has spoken to someone
Haggai – means festive or festival was born in Babylon – you can live in a wicked area and be a light
-was 70 years old when giving this Word from the Lord
REMEMBER: Your level of spiritual growth determines your attraction to sin and the world…….
-The Word of the Lord was to put God first………..-The Lord raised up a Voice just like John the Baptist – Matthew 3:1-3

***The Word of the Lord came to Zerubbabel & Joshua
“Z” was a governmental official”J” was the high priest of the temple
***1 Timothy 2:1-8 – we need govt officials and believers working together 

v2 – The Word Of The Lord Begins-when the Lord speaks listen.  Make sure it is from the Lord.  It follows God’s Word

The Lord of Hosts – means the One who leads the armies of heaven-this speaks of the angels of God
-angel means messenger
-the Lord created all of the angels – Job 38:4-7…Ps 148:1-6…Rev 5:11
-the Lord leads the angels and is the only One to command them 

v2 – “THIS PEOPLE SAYS”-the Lord does not use the words “MY PEOPLE”
-the Lord does not claim them as His people, but they were His people
-Israel said it is not time, but the Lord says it is time…
-Do not miss the Lord’s time – Luke 19:41-44

v3 – The Word Of The Lord continues through Haggai
v4 – you are putting your own things first and neglecting the Lord and His stuff…Matthew 6:33***PUT GOD FIRST***
-1 John 3:13b-14b – the wicked one will pull you away from the things of the Lord         

a. these are the cares of the world….
b. Haggai was saying that Israel had time for everything else.  What about time for me?

v5 – Consider Your Ways – means to set your heart on your ways-think about what you are doing and what is first in your life…