Chapter One
-the book was written from 598-609BC
-Habakkuk was warning Israel that the Babylonians were coming to chastise Israel
verse 1 oracle…burden…mesage
-the Lord spoke to Habakkuk directly and personally
-it means to take up and carry – Habakkuk would take up what the Lord gave him and give it to Israel
              3 Things We Need To See From Verse 1
1. The Lord speaks and talks – v1
        a. to the believer personally
-we are not led by fleeces or people
2. Receive what the Lord says
-you never know what He is going to tell you, but it is always for your benefit
3. Carry The Message
-take the message to others
The author of the book is Habakkuk
a. he was a prophet – means an inspired speaker
b. OT prophets directed people
    NT prophets confirm what the Lord has already spoken to you
c. Not much is known about “H” but his name means TO EMBRACE…….
verse 2 – “H” had been crying out to the Lord, but was not seeing any changes
-“H” had some doubts concerning his prayers being heard and answered
-The Lord does hear and answer our prayers
Ps 66:19-20…Ps 138:3…Ps 116:1-2
(1.)   A HARD HEART – Jeremiah 18:12
-hard hearts dull a person;s ability to hear from the Lord or respond to Him
-the Lord touches people every time we pray
– keep a soft heart
(2.) PRAYERLESSNESS – James 4:2
-praying will change things
-the Lord is waiting for us to pray and call on Him
-we will only receive if we ask – Matthew 7:7-8
-you can continually ask – Genesis 32:24-32
-when we pray in agreement to the will of God we will receive what we ask for
-the Lord’s will is found in two places – The Word of God – so pray the Word of God – Eph 1:15-19 and 3:14-19
-the Lord’s will is found when you speak in tongues – Romans 8:26-28
-Jesus baptizes believers in the Holy Spirit – Matthew 3:1-11
        ***Speaking in tongues and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit does not save anyone.  We are only saved through the blood of Jesus
       ***The same fruit and effects that happened in Acts 2 will also occur today
-fire – v3 – purity…comfort…God enthusiasm
-wind v2 – speaks of action and the moving of the Holy Spirit
-great joy – v15
-immersed in the Spirit – v4 – filled
-speaking in tongues – v3