Chapter One
– The book was written around 609-598BC
-“H” was warning Israel that the Babylonians were coming to chastise them because of their disobedience to the Lord
v1 – Oracle …burden…message…revelation
-the Lord spoke to “H” in a vision
-the Lord speaks to us personally
Prophet – means an inspired speaker
-in the OT prophets gave direction…In the NT they conform what God has already spoken to the believer
-whatever they say in the NT will encourage, edify and comfort – 1 Cor 14:3
Habakkuk – his name means “to embrace”
-we must embrace the Lord, His call and His Word
-we must allow the Lord to embrace us
***events in life can hinder this
***what our mindset about the Lord can hinder this
***a bad authority figure can hinder this
verse 2 – Habakkuk had been crying out to the Lord
             – doubt and questioning started to enter into his heart when he thought the Lord wasn’t answering his prayers
Ps 66:19-20…Ps 138:3…Ps 91:15…Ps 34:6…Ps 3:4…Ps 6:8-9…Ps 138:3…Ps 116:1-2
               Hindrances To Answered Prayer
     (1.)  A HARD HEART – Jeremiah 18:12
-developing a heart decreases your want to pray
-Characteristics of a hard heart
*self centered
*they want their own way…stubborn
*have a lack of conviction
*walk in the flesh
*want to do what they want to do
***You can feel when you begin to get a hard heart…….
          HEED THE WARNING OF THE LORD – Hebrews 3:7-10
-there are many warnings in the Bible
***3 Steps To Acquiring A Hard Heart
1. You experience trial and hard tests in your life
2. we then begin to question God’s goodness
3. Drifting away from the Lord begins
“Do not forget about the Lord’s past power……..Deut 8:11, 14, 19
(2.) PRAYERLESSNESS – James 4:2
-praying about things and taking your requests to the Lord accomplishes much
-the Lord is waiting to hear from us
-you will never receive anything unless you ask – Matthew 7:7-8
***Genesis 32:24-32 – conti ual asking
(3.)  DOUBT AND UNBELIEF – James 1:5-8
Doubt – means to question
-there is good doubt and bad doubt
-Good doubt is questioning things that may not line up with the Bible
-Bad Doubt is questioning the Lord, His will and the Bible
-We begin to doubt for one main reason – Our Eyes – we do not see anything happening……
Keep your eyes on Jesus and Go from a CAN GOD attitude to a GOD CAN attitude…
-praying in agreement with the will of God works every time
-two ways to pray in the will of God – 1. Pray the Word of God
-Eph 1:15-19 & 3:14-19
                                                            2. Pray in tongues – Romans 8:26-28
and 1 Cor 14:3
Paul wrote one third of the NT and spoke in tongues – 1 Cor 14:18
-the same effects and fruit that happened in the upper room in Acts 2 will also occur today……..
v3 – fire
v3 – speaking in tongues
v4 – immersed in the Spirit
v2 – wind – the action and moving of the Holy Spirit
v15 – great joy