Habakkuk 2

verse 1 – this speaks of prayer and waiting for an answer.
***Three answers to prayer…yes, no and wait
verse 1 – Watchmen on the Wall – are people of prayer & crying out to the Lord
*Crying out to the Lord is scriptural – Ex 2:23…Ps 34:17…1 Chr 5:20
*Crying out to the lord is lifting our voices to the Lord – Song of Solomon 8:13
*Crying out to the Lord is being Bold – Heb 4:16
1. They LOOK Out
v1 – rampart – was a wall to guard the city and you could walk on the wall
-look out over a church and community and see its needs, the future or a storm
-they look to the lord with a spirit of expectation
– the Lord deals with the watchmen personally as they pray
-they stand on what the Lord has spoken to them
-they stand on the Word no matter how long they have to wait
vs2-4 – VISION
1. The Lord gives us vision.  It is a supernatural appearance that you can see
2. Vision is something you see to help build the kingdom of God
3. Vision is for the future
verse 2  – Write down or record the Vision
tablets – pieces of wood from trees
-Write down the vision the Lord gives to you…
*it will go along with what the vision of the organization is
***We will have to be patient in prayer
***While we wait, the Lord corrects us
-Prayer is work – spiritual battles and warfare
-Prayer creates work – adds more things to do
-Prayer works – the work is all worth it
Run in the Vision
-do not let anything stop you from obeying what the Lord has for you…
verse 3 – the vision here is for an appointed time
-it will happen with no delays
The Vision Of CCWC – We are a Movement with a Mission
-this will be fulfilled in many ways
*We are a charismatic church
*We will preach and practice all of the Word of God
*We will move in the Holy Spirit
*We will be outreach oriented
*We will disciple people
*We will have awesome worship that glorifies Jesus Christ
We will have vision for the many ministries of CCWC…