Encounter (2020 Missions Conference)

Turn in your bible to Judges chapter 6
God chose Gideon because he was completely UNQUALIFIED so that God alone would be GLORIFIED
Judges 6:11-16
God called him a mighty man of valor- also translated as man of fearless courage
Gideon had an encounter with God that took him from weakling to WARRIOR
1rst Encounter- AWAKENING
When you realize you were created for a purpose. Everything changes.
Turn in your bible to Mark chapter 1
When you Encounter the Lord no one needs to tell you it’s the Lord- YOU JUST KNOW it’s the Lord
Mark 1:14-18
2nd Encounter- COMMISSIONING
When you are given an assignment from the Lord over your life.
A Christ-follower WILL be reaching the lost.
The commissioning is a call from God asking you to be ALL IN.
The commissioning is an “ALL IN” Encounter.
Turn in your bibles to Acts chapter 19
God is asking “will you lay down your life for me?”
Acts 19:2-10
3rd Encounter- BAPTISM BY FIRE
The promise sent by Jesus. Supernatural power.
It is not the same as the salvation experience
It is not the same as water baptism
Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the POWER we NEED to fulfill the mission of Christ here on the earth.
Tonight is a night of ENCOUNTER