Elijah Was A Voice
-the times of Elijah were wicked and evil just like today
-the Lord steps into an evil situation and brings about an outpouring of the Spirit
(1.) ELIJAH WAS A VOICE OF FAITH – 1 Kings 18:41-45
-we all must develop a strong voice in these last days
-faith is based on Jesus Christ and His Word
-Elijah had a promise – when he prays, it will rain
                  3 Things Elijah Knew
     1. Elijah knew it was going to rain
-He stood on the promise the lord had given him.  We have promises we can stand on
     2. Faith calls those things which do no exist as though they do – Romans 4:13-22
-this means you have what you have been asking for even though you are waiting on the manifestation
v43 – they did not see anything at all – we do not walk by sight, but by faith
     3. Faith can be based on God’s track Record – 1 Kings 18:24, 26-28
-Elijah had a great memory
-what the Lord did in the past for Elijah, He will do for him now & in the future
-nothing much shook Elijah
(2.) ELIJAH WAS A VOICE OF AUTHORITY – 1 Kings 17:1 & 18:15-19
                    A.  Authority over all of the powers of darkness
-Elijah realized some things:
     a. Elijah never made the battle personal – Eph 6:10-18 (v12)
-Elijah knew he was not fighting against Ahab & Jezebel, but powers of hell
-once you make the battle personal, you lose your focus & the battle
       b. Never look for demons.  They will find you – 1 Kings 17:1 & 18:13
-the prophets of God were being killed & were after Elijah
-Elijah confronted the powers of darkness with the authority of Jesus Christ
-when demons show up, deal with them
REMEMBER:    To give in to fear is to assume that you are powerless and that God is powerless
                          The enemy will find you by the words you speak
                        B. Authority in his loyalty to the Lord – 1 Kings 17:1
Look what Elijah said when he spoke to Ahab:
1. The God that I serve is alive
2. There is only one true God –
-Lord God – refers to the fact that there is only 1 true and living God
3. My loyalty is to jesus and not Baal
-Before who I stand – refers to the God Elijah served and it was Jesus
-I am loyal only to Jesus Christ