Don’t Quit

“Don’t Quit”


Joshua 1:1-9 Be Strong and Courageous

Being Prepared for Battle

Family, work, Car, Health, Marriage, in our minds, with our children



vs 3  I promised Moses.


Vs. 6 I swore to their ancestors.


  1. The Power in the Promise

We have to take the time to remind ourselves of the promise!

As I was with Moses I will be with you!


It is vital in order to keep our Faith strong to remind ourselves of all the promises of the Lord. To reflect on everything he has already done.


Write these things done, share them with others.


As we speak about the great things the Lord has done in our lives our faith increases and so do the people around.

Why not raise children whose faith is so strong because of all the things the Lord has done in you and you shared with them.


As we share our Faith stories! Our Faith increases and doubt decreases

We have the courage to stay in the battle!



Promise of Salvation, of eternal life a life with no pain or sorrow.

A Promise that we can have peace and rest in the craziness of life.

The Promise that Joy comes in the morning.


The Promise Brings Faith!!  The promise gives strength.

It keeps us focuses on the prize!!


  1. The Power in the Word

Joshua 1:7-8



Allowing the POWER that comes through the Word to transform you.


The Word is alive and active! In order to be activated we have to listen and do it!


Obedience. Be Careful to obey all of the Word!



If you want to see how well the Power of the Word is working in your life it’s easy how much does your attitude and action reflect the Word?


What’s we believe will come out in actions.

We spend our time and money on what our hearts really care about.


He desires you and everything else is taken care of.


Vs. 8

Keep the Word always on your lips

-Speak Life! Everything that comes out of our mouths is either life or death.


The truth is through our action we hold more POWER than any school, friends, or bullies. For better or worse

Speak it over our children husbands

Meditate on the Word day and Night

What comes out of our mouth starts in our minds

Decide to talk to the Lord about it. He knows what your thinking anyways.



  1. The Power of His Presence

Joshua 1:9


The only thing that can separate us from living in peace and rest in the mist of life’s battle is that we replace faith with fear.


His presence is with us even when we can’t feel it.

He is present allowing thanksgiving and gratitude to flow out of us.


Be thankful is the Key! Worship

Johan 2:8-10 Jonah was worshiping the Lord in the belly of the Fish and then the fish spit in up.


Acts 16:22-26 Paul and Silas where worship the Lord when an earthquake came and open the prison doors.


Breakthrough happens when we are thankfully and gradually worship our Lord in the mist of the battle.