Crying Out (2016) Part III

*Isaiah 40:9

-one of the main ways to pray is to cry out to the Lord

-reasons not to cry out:
we do not totally understand the scriptures about crying out
we feel awkward about lifting up our voices
we may deal with pride

Jeremiah 33

v1 – the Word of the Lord
-this is a NOW Word for CCWC and the body of Christ in America – the principle of crying out

-If we call on the lord – the Lord will heal our nation – 2 Chronicles 7:14

***We need a Word from the Lord because of the times in which we live

***The Word of the Lord is for every believer

***The Word of the Lord will continually come forward

***The Word of the Lord can come at any time – v1
-shut up in prison – Jeremiah was in the court of the prison

v2 – The Lords’ Promises

a. the Lord established His promises

b. the Lord fulfills His promises
“The Lord is His name” – He keeps His Word and fulfills His Word

c. The promise in Jeremiah is to call on the lord and then He will do some things:
-this is an invitation to pray and cry out to God

CALL TO ME – means to cry out/to shout/to address someone/to speak out/calling out loud

Why Call Out To God?

1. to declare to the enemy that he cannot and will not win

2. to break the silence of the church
-silence in the scriptures when connected with prayer most of the time always refers to death

3. We cry out to God because God limits Himself to our prayers
-if we do no cry out to the Lord, nothing will happen

***What will the Lord do when we cry out to Him?

(1) He will answer us
-Do not doubt or questions or wonder if He will do it or not…..

-Ps 17:6….Ps 34:1-4…Ps 118:21

(2) Hw will show o great and mighty things which you do no know

-an I don’t know place is not a bad place to be in…

(3) Healing – vs6-8

Behold – means to pay attention to what is being stated/listen up

-physical healing – Ex 15:26

-spiritual healing – v8

(4) Provision – vs9-11

-everyone will see it