Crying Out (2016) Part II

*one way to pray is to cry out to the Lord…

*the Lord wants your heart and our voice…

*Is 40:9…….Psalm 142:1-2…….Psalm 116:1-2

Psalm 55:17 – cr out and aloud – speaks of a loud roar
Ps 18:6 – cried out – means a high pitched shout for help
Ps 34:17 – this is an actual shriek
Ps 61:1-2 – cry – this speaks of a ringing or shrill sound

Jeremiah 33

v1 – The Word of the Lord
-a NOW word for CCWC

a. IF we practice the Word of the Lord, the Lord will answer

b. we need a Word of the Lord because of the times in which we live

c. The Word of the Lord is for each believer
-every believer can receive a direct Word from the Lord

d. a Word of the Lord will continually come forth
-it came the second time to Jeremiah

e. the Word of the Lord can come at any time – v1
Jeremiah was in the court of the prison for years

v2 – The Lords’ Promises

1. The Lord established His Word and promises

2. The Lord performs them/fulfills them – “made it”

“The Lord is His name” – He keeps His word and promises

-Jeremiah is an invitation to pray – and believers must RSVP

Call to Me – means to cry out/to shout/to address someone/to speak out/calling outlaid to get someones attention

Why call out or cry out to God

(1) Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures – Jeremiah 33
-Israel was away from the Lord
-worshipping false gods

(2) Silence in the scriptures when connected to prayer most of the time suggests death
-a religious spirit

(3) We cry out to God because the Lord limits Himself to our prayers
-if we pray, He moves. If we do not pray, the lord does not move.

Ex: the authority of the believer

What will happen when we cry out to God

-do not doubt this/no questioning

-Ps 17:6…Ps 66:19…Ps 118:21

(2) The Lord will show us things which we do no know

-there are many things I do not know and I need to know

(3) The Lord will bring physical and spiritual healing – v6
v8 – spiritual healing and forgiveness of sins and cleansing spiritually

(4) The Lord will bring great provision – vs9-11
-everyone will see it

-no matter what the economy is like