Being Offended

Being Offended 

Luke 7:17-23

Jesus was telling John the Baptist and his disciples not to be offended because of the rough times that had come their way

offended – means to stumble; trip up; to cause to lose faith in people or churches or Christians


Jesus is awesome—Christianity is awesome – some of God’s people aren’t so awesome…and they offend us and we offend them

-have a realistic mindset about Christianity – you will be offended…….

-Christianity is people and people rub people the wrong way at times…

2 Things about Jesus

     1. when it comes to being offended, Jesus is our example to follow

Jesus was offended and so we will be offended

     2. When it comes to being offended, Jesus will offend you……

How?  by His teachings…

Luke 14:26-27,33

What are we going to do when we are offended by someone in the body of Christ?


-its a choice

-its an act of obedience

How do we forgive?  As the Lord forgives

a. Forgive immediately

-do not allow a seed to to be sown into your heart when offended – bitterness, anger, resentment

-be like the Lord and He forgives immediately

b. Forgive infinitely – Matthew 18:21-22

forgive over and over and over again

-the Lord does this to us

c. forgive and forget 

-the Lord does not remember our sins – He never holds them against us

-we must do the same – forgive and not hold them against anyone

-relate to the person as though the offense never occurred

(2.)  NEVER RUN – 1 Sam 17:1-58

v1 – the enemy is involved in offenses

-wants to take you out of the will of God

-greatly discourage you

vs8-11 – offenses are giant – great hurts and misunderstandings

v16 – the offenses keep on coming

vs23-24 – Israel ran away

vs32-40,51 – run toward the offense and issue and kill it

*there are scriptures that tell us to run from some things -= flee youthful lusts.  When it comes to an offense, run toward it and defeat it in the name of Jesus…Stay and work on things…

3 points:

1. You cannot run from offenses.  They will always happen

2. The Lord never releases you from a church because of an offense

3. When you run away from your offense, it is still there and you will leave to deal wth it sometime and maybe something like it or worse…