Be Ready

Matthew 24
The Lord’s rerun is certain!
Be Ready
Matthew 24:3-36
When Birth Pains start there is no going back
Genesis 6:5-11
Matthew 24:37-44
Be Ready!
2 Peter 3
3 ways to “Be Ready”
1. Be focused- avoid the distractions of the enemy to get our minds off of what’s really going on.
Live in a state of focus- a state of readiness.
2. Make sure our family is saved.
Practice what we preach.
Pray at home with our family.
Worship at home with our family.
Discuss the word with our family.
3. Make sure our neighbors are saved.
Christ wish that NONE should perish!
It’s time to live a life of evangelism.
Noah was called a “Preacher of Righteousness” 2 Peter 2:5
Easy Evangelism Technique:
1. Read your Bible.
2. Open your mouth.
3. Allow the Holy Spirit to move.
The Holy Spirit has your back.
Be ready…..