Chapter One

Author – Doctor Luke
-a man of high respect and honor
-he wrote the book of Luke also

Date Written: 62 A.D.
Theme: The Acts of the Holy Spirit
a. Acts was written to show us how to reach and disciple our culture
b. Acts was written to reveal to us the pattern how every church should function
c. Acts was written to show us the supernatural power of God

verse 1 – first account – this is the gospel of Luke
-written to Theophilus – means a friend of God ( a friend of Luke or a new convert)

-What Jesus began to do is still continuing today through the Spirit and the Word ——- Ezekiel 37:1-14

verse 2 – Jesus stopped doing His earthly works when He died…there is no spiritual retirement…….

-this is the ascension of Jesus Christ

-Jesus was totally dependent on the Holy Spirit

-Jesus gave commandments or orders to us & His disciples – Lk 24:45-53

verse 3 – Jesus showed that He was alive by many infallible proofs
infallible proofs – means to do something to remove all doubt/totally convinced

verse 4 – Another command from the Lord
-Stay in Jerusalem & wait on the promise of the Father

-this refers to the baptism of the Holy Spirit

-promise – means to pledge and make a committment

-it is from the Father and Jesu sis the One who baptizes with the Holy Spirit —–
Luke 24:49 and matthew 3:11

verse 5
John the Baptist baptized in water after people repented and were saved
Jesus baptized people in the Holy Spirit

WAIT – this is not doing nothing, but is an action word……
-what were the 120 doing while they waited? THEY PRAYED…….Acts 1:14

One Accord – means to be all together/to be in total agreement
*Acts 1:14 is a corporate prayer meeting

-God moves when we pray and does not move when we do not pray……
-the Lord limits Himself to our prayers
-and whatever you pray for can affect you – an example is Elijah…….

Acts 1:14 – Prayer
Prayer – means to address someone/it speaks of who we are praying for

-Pray to the Father in the name of Jesus – John 15:16 & 16:23
-Pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit when it has to do with their office and activity
-Jesus and redemption and forgiveness
-the Holy Spirit and conviction – John 16:8