Acts 9-11

Acts 9 is about the conversion of Paul.  All Paul knew was that Jesus touched him and transformed his life.  Another example is the blind man in John 9…….

Acts 9:17-19 – Paul is filled with the Holy Spirit
-Paul now goes to the backside of the desert for 3 years to be taught by Jesus
-Galatians 1:15-24
v20 – Paul preached “the Christ”
-there is only one Christ
-we must believe in the Father and the Son – 1 John 2:22-23 – or you don’t have either one of them
v21 – Saul’s life was turned upside down
-this happened supernatural and personally  – v22 increased in strength
-Saul (Paul) became a NO MORE BELIEVER…..
vs23-31 – Radial change brings radical opposition
-opposition separates and brings revival and strength to the church
vs32-35 AENEAS
-Peter goes on an evangelistic tour
Two principles to learn from the scriptures on Aeneas
1. The severity of your situation does not make it any more difficult for Jesus to give you a breakthrough
2. Praise based on faith thanks the Lord for what He will do before He does it
Aeneas means praise (the Lord)
vs36-43 – Dorcas
-this is an example of power evangelism
-v40 – put out all doubt, unbelief and questioning and fear
We can learn from these scriptures that we need to speak to every situation to receive healing and victory and deliverance
                                       Acts 10-11
-Acts chapters 10-11 speaks of the gentiles being accepted into the church
Acts 10:1 – Cornelius was a soldier and a centurion who was over 100 soldiers
-he was stationed in Caesarea & was a gentile
v2 – Cornelius was saved, but would not become Jewish
-gentiles at this time were looked at as if they could never be saved
vs3-5 – Cornelius wants Peter to come and meet with him
vs9-16 – Peter has a vision
-it refers to the gentiles being clean
        common – means low class…being beneath…vulgar…unclean
vs22-23 – Peter come to Cornelius to bring the message that gentiles can be saved and be a part of the church
vs24-26 – Only worship Jesus – Rev 22:6-9
vs27-28 – the vision Peter received indicates gentiles can be saved and accepted
vs34-36 – the Lord is not a respecter of persons – means to receive ones face
-Jesus is for all people – Acts 10:38
-the Lord shows this by everyone receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit – Acts 10:38-39
-Ephesians – the ministry of reconciliation – which means to change thoroughly from one condition to another