—concerning the second coming of Jesus Christ – Acts 1:9-11
—concerning the baptism of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2
-Receive the wonderful works of God – v11
-Resist – they are drunk with wine – v13
v14 – Peter stands up for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and so does Paul
-1 Corinthians 14:18, 39 & John the Baptist – Matthew 3:11
-the baptism of the Holy Spirit changes things
vs 15-16 – it is 9am in the morning and this is spoken in the OT also in Joel 2:28-32
-the baptism of the Holy is Biblical
vs – 17-21 – we are in the last days and the signs show it
-the economies of the world will collapse
-violence and corruption
-wicked weather
-a breakdown of the family unit
vs22–36 – Peter Preaches
-his preaching includes 3 C’s
1. The CROSS
-the gospel – 1 Corinthians 15:1-5
2. Christ Centered
-not politics…..not canned sermons
3. Contrition
v37  – cut – means to sting…hurt…sense pain…to stab or pierce
v38 – REPENT  – this is a deliberate turning away from a previous course of action….to change your mind and actions
       – Be water baptized – an outward sign of an inward work
       – Remission of sins – our sins are forgiven when we are saved
       – The baptism of the Holy Spirit—there are many evidences of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit
v39 – Promise – means a pledge and committment
-Luke 24:49
-it is for anyone who is saved – as many as the Lord calls
vs40-41 –
perverse – means bent and crooked…ungodly…evil…out of shape
v40 – keep on exhorting—preaching
Isaiah 55:11 says the Word of the Lord never returns void and always accomplished something
v41 – continued preaching and witnessing produces continued salvations
continually – is repetition of the same thing…repeat over & over again
v42 – the Apostles Doctrine – doctrine is vital
-the deity of Jesus Christ – teaches us that Jesus Christ is God
-the resurrection of Jesus Christ – teaches us that Jesus was raised bodily from the dead and the grave
        -Fellowship – v42
sharing meals together and being with each other/small groups
        -Prayer – corporate prayer with other believers
        -The Fear of the Lord – v43
-the conviction of sin and walking in the principles of the Word of God
        -Signs & Wonders – the supernatural works of God
        -vs44-45 – Body Ministry – meeting the needs of the people
         -v46 – Assemble together – Hebrews 10:25
-meet weekly at the temple
v47 – people were added to the body of Christ and not to a local church…….
-we need to witness
                            Acts 3
-the first Miracle of the church happens
Miracle – an immediate supernatural explosion of almightiness that appears unexplainable by the laws of nature
1. Miracles are for today – Malachi 3:6
-they have not ceased
-cessationists – believe miracles and speaking in tongues have ceased to exist
-they are worng
          -vs46-47 – a lifestyle of praise