verses 11-13 – Receptivity vs Resistance

Receptivity – they are speaking the wonderful works of God
Resistance – they are drunk
***The powers of darkness will resist any spiritual experience you want to receive
-the enemy will resist your hunger level for Jesus and Christianity
v14 – Peter stands up
-Takes A Stand……Steps Forward
*It means to grasp a strategic moment to address others
*The outpouring of the Holy Spirit produces change
v15 – this is 9am in the morning when people normally do not drink…
v16 – Joel 2:28-32
v17 – things are going to happen
-last days – the days right before the return of the Lord
Pour – means to abundantly overflow
on all flesh – on everyone who wants this outpouring
1. Men and women will prophecy – the Lord will use men and women – v17
prophecy – means an inspired speaker – preaching and giving a message
2. There will be dreams and visions – v17
-dreams happen when you are asleep
-visions happen when you are awake
3. Signs and wonders will occur – vs19-20
*the Lord will give these signs
wonders – are miraculous appearances in the sky
signs on the earth beneath –
*blood, fire and vapor of smoke – refers to wars and the smoke which comes from burning cities and nations
v20 – great & awesome – because believers will be gone & people will be saved
v21 – whoever – anyone who calls on Jesus will be saved
Acts 2:22-37 – Peter preaches
vs 22-24 – it was the message of the cross – 1 Cor 15:1-3
vs25-28 – it was a Christ centered message
*theses verses are from Psalm 16:8-11
v38 – it was a message of contrition
-repentance – means to change your mind and turn from your sins to Jesus
v37 – cut – means to sting…hurt & sense pain…….speaks of conviction
v38 ***Repent – be saved and turn to the Lord
       ***Be water baptized – totally immersed in water
       – an outward sign of an inward work
       ***Receive forgiveness of your sins
       ***Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
-promise – means to commit and pledge – Luke 24:49
-this is the promise of the baptism of the Holy Spirit
-it is for anyone who is saved – has been called
v40 – perverse – means bent & out of shape…crooked…evil & ungodly