Verse 1
-the church at Antioch was an integrated church – all different kinds of people
-the church at Antioch has no tags – just a bunch of Christ followers
-the f-fold ministry was present – Eph 4:11-18
verse 2 – Separate – Set Apart
a. The Holy Spirit separates through His voice – v2
-John 16:5-10
b. The Holy Spirit separates through the Word of God – Colossians 3:8-10
-as we read the Word, we are set apart more and more
vs3-4 – you always want the blessing of your pastor when sent out
vs4-5 – Paul & Barnabus were sent out  – first missionary journey
v6 – the Lord was using this church and the enemy roared in
“What heaven starts———hell cannot stop”
vs7-8 – A sorcerer – Elymas – stands against Paul
withstood – means to oppose…stand against
vs9-10- – Paul stands against the enemy
-this is not a time to dialogue, but a time to demand
      ***There are some principles we can learn from Paul’s interaction
                             with the occult
1. All believers need to rest in their redemption – Col 1:12-14
-believers can never be demon possessed
-John 8:12…John 12:46…Eph 5:18 – light & darkness cannot dwell together
2. Believers should not be messing around with demonic stuff – Dt 18:10-15
3. Rejoice – Philippians 4:4
Rejoice that the enemy knows who you are
4. Understand the reasons why the enemy attacks
     (1.) Because we are invading enemy territory – Joshua 1:1-9
-local and overseas evangelism
     (2.) We desire to grow – Luke 9:23
-when we want to spiritually grow, the enemy will come against us
     (3.) Blessings to come – Dt 28:1-5
-when the Lord is getting ready to bless us, the enemy will roar in…….