Acts 1:4-5

-the promise of the Father is the baptism of the Holy Spirit as seen in Acts 2
-wait is an action word and not a lazy word of just sitting around
-they prayed while they waited – Acts 1:14
-Why pray?  Prayer moves the hand of the Lord……
Acts 1:14
1. PRAYER means to address someone
-To address someone and speaks of who we are praying to
-we pray to the Father mostly – John 15:16 & 16:23
-we can also pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit according to their activities and office
2. PRAYER reveals our dependency on the Lord
-we need the Lord so badly
-pray always
3. PRAYER makes something happen – Acts 4:23-31
v31 – when they prayed, the Lord moved
v31 – 3 things happened
…the place was shaken
…people were filled with the Holy Spirit
…they spoke the Word of God with boldness
4. PRAYER stops the Lord in His tracks – Matthew 20:9-34
-these 2 men cry out to the Lord
-it stops Jesus in His tracks
5. PRAYER is constant prayer – Acts 1:14
a. constant payer includes corporate prayer
b. the enemy will fill your mind with all kinds of excuses
c. the enemy will try to stop us from praying because he knows prayer stops him
d. Constant prayer is continual prayer – Genesis 32:22-31
-these prayers are answered over time or immediately
e. prayer restrains evil from taking over – 2 Thess 2:1-12
verse 6 – the Jewish people thought Jesus would take out the Roman army
verse 7 – Jesus said no one knows when He is returning
verse  8 – the Lord will pour out His Spirit in the last days
verse 9 – the ascension of Jesus Christ
vs10-11 – the angels give the disciples a little nudge and tell them to look outward and not up……because Jesus is coming back soon and we need to be busy