Acts 16

vs1-5 – Paul and Timothy connect together to minister in missions
vs6-11 – The Holy Spirit says to go and to stop
-the Holy Spirit will say no at times – 2 Corinthians 12:7-10
-great is the believer who will accept a no
vs8-10 – Go To Europe and not to Asia – We are in a time of MORE…
vs9-10 – people are pleading for believers to come and tell them about the good news of Jesus Christ
v11 – take a straight course and get the job done
vs11-12 – Paul picks up Dr. Luke to take with him on his missionary journeys
v12 – Paul arrives in Philippi & starts a church
vs13-15 – there was no synagogue and Paul starts the church at a river
-Paul used different strategies to reach different cities
NOW IT HAPPENED………the invisible world shows up
           Things we can learn:
1. It is the policy or plan of the devil to persuade people that there is no devil – John 8:44
-we know a devil and demons exist because the Bible says so and we can clearly see the effects of his works
2. You cannot defeat the demons you enjoy playing with – Acts 16:16-18
-do not mess around and play with demonic stuff
-realize what is demonic and reject it
3. Never be afraid of demons because they can’t handle the One to whom you are joined to…….Acts 16:16-18
-we must understand the power that we possess through the authority we have in Jesus Christ
                Acts 16:25
               @ Midnight
Midnight represents the tri’s midnight in our lives?
1.) PRAY – v25 –
-the goal of prayer is that the Lord would be glorified
2.) PRAISE – v25
              a.) Praise is  choice – it is not an emotion or feeling
-Psalm 34:1-3 and Psalm 138:1-3
              b.) Praise is heard – v25
-on earth – the jailer woke up – v27
-on earth as it is in heaven – Revelation 5:1-13 (vs12-13)
                c.) Praise accomplishes alot – v26
***Chains were broken
***Shifts took place – earthquakes shift things around
***Doors were opened