Acts 16

***This chapter occurs 5 years after Paul had been spreading the gospel in this area
verse 1 – Lystra was the home town of Timothy
***Timothy was saved through Paul’s ministry – 1 Tim 1:2 & Acts 14:5
***this is Paul’s second missionary journey
***Timothy was a teenager and means he who honors God
veses 2 – 5 –  Timothy was noticed because of his life and testimony
vs6-11 – Paul and Silas knew when to go and when to stop
v6 – Paul was going…go..go and go…
vs6-7 – the Holy Spirit says to stop
-submit to a NO from the Holy Spirit
vs8-10 – Go To Europe
-Paul was headed to Asia, but the Holy Spirit said to go to Europe
vs9-10 – Why Go?  People are pleading for us to come to them
v 11 – let’s go – take a straight course
vs11-12 – Paul puts a team together
v12 – Paul arrives in Philippi
-people need to be in church
vs13-15 – 10 male heads of households r needed to start a synagogue.
-there are different strategies to reach each area or city
v16 – an invisible world appeared
               There are some things we can learn from Acts 16 about
                                   the Invisible World
1. It is the policy or plan of the devil & his demons to persuade people that there is no devil and demons – John 8:44
-the devil constantly tries to convince people of his non existence
               We know the devil and demons exist for 2 main reasons:
1. The Bible says they exist
2. The effects of demons
2. You cannot defeat the demons you enjoy playing with – Acts 16:16-18
-this woman was playing around with demonic things – fortune telling
-realize what is demonic and then reject it
3. Never be afraid of demons because they cannot handle the One to whom you are joined to – 2 Tim 1:7 & Acts 16:16-18
-every believer is joined to Jesus Christ and His authority