Acts 12

v11 – Peter realizes what happened to him – an angel set him free from jail
vs12 – 19 –  Peter visits Marys house – the mother of John Mark
-Peter now vanishes from the book of Acts
vs20-23 – the death of Herod
-never mess around with the body of Christ
vs24- 25 – the church keeps going and John Mark joins Paul & Barnabus on a missions trip
                                                 Acts 13
verse 1 – church – means to assemble together/called out ones
a. we do not choose a church…the Lord does
b. the church is people and not a building
c. the church is to meet together – Hebrews 10:25
d. It does matter where you attend church – pray to find an Acts church
             1. v5 – an Acts church practices and believes all of the Bible
proclaim – means to declare (the Bible) and nothing else
             2. v2 – An Acts church desires the Lord and His presence more than programs
-it is a Holy Spirit church
-the glory of God changes lives
            3. An Acts church evangelizes locally and around the world – v3
-the Great Commission – Matthew 28:18-20
             4. An Acts church is a giving church – v2
ministering to the Lord – this speaks of giving to the Lord
-giving people receive – Lk 6:38 & Acts 20:35
verse 1 – the church at Antioch was an integrated church
-all colors and kinds of people
-the church at Antioch has no tags – nondenominational – believes all of the Word
verse 1 – the 5 fold ministry was present in the church – Eph 4:11-18
v2 – set apart – separate
a. The Holy Spirit separates through His voice – v2
-The Holy Spirit separated Paul and Barnabus for missions
b. The Holy Spirit separates through the Word of God – Colossians 3:8-10
vs3-4 – You always want the blessing of your Pastor
vs4-5 – Paul & Barnabus preach the gospel in many cities & areas
v6 – The Lord was using the church at Antioch in a great way and then the invisible world showed up…….
Elymas – a sorcerer, an unbeliever and demon possessed
—We can rest in our redemption because believers can never be demon possessed
vs6-10 – withstood – means to oppose and stand against
-Paul resists the enemy
-It is not a time to dialogue, but demand
-use your authority in Jesus Christ to stand against the enemy