Acts 10-11

Cornelius, Peter & The Gentiles
Acts 10
v1 – Cornelius was a gentile, a commander of 100 soldiers and saved
v2 – Cornelius would not become Jewish or a Jewish citizen
vs3-8 – Cornelius wants Peter brought to him
vs9-16 – Peter has a vision
-it is about accepting the gentiles to be a part of the body of Christ
     v15 – common – means low class/beneath/vulgar/unrefined/unclean
vs22-23 Peter is brought to Cornelius
vs24-26 – Only worship Jesus Christ
vs27-28 – the gentiles can be saved
vs34-36 – Christianity is for everyone.
-There is no partiality with the Lord – means does not receive face
-The Lord proves this by baptizing the gentiles in the Holy Spirit – vs38-39
Ephesians 2:11-22
-reconciliation – means to change thoroughly from one condition to another
-those who are Jewish and gentile are the church – are one in Christ
     vs11-12 – speaks of being an unbeliever
v13 – far off – speaks of the gentiles
v14 – Only Jesus brings peace
-Jesus made those who are Jewish and gentile one
-Jesus broke down all barriers between races of people
v15 – one new man is the church
-enmity is hatred
v16 – vertical reconciliation
       – horizontal reconciliation
v17 those who are near – speaks of the Jewish people
v18 – through Jesus we have access to God – both those who are Jewish & Gentile
Acts 12

v1 – this is the first political attack against the church
-this is Herod Agrippa 1st
-Herod was against the church – a time of persecution and trouble
-mistreat – speaks of oppression/torment/to do evil against
v2 – James the Apostle and on of the 12 disciples of Jesus was killed
vs3-5a – Peter was arrested
v5 – The church prays for Peter
Prayer – constant; fervent; intense; earnest
-this is a corporate prayer time for the church
1. We are asked by the Lord to pray – 1 Thess 5:17-18
2. We know the Lord only moves when we pray
3. Because we realize the times we are living in
-Jesus is coming back soon