A Time of Visitation


     Luke 19:42-44

v41 – Jesus saw Jerusalem and cried

a. because people rejected Him and did not receive Him overall

b. because He saw the future destruction of Israel by Rome because of their rejection of Him

v42 – the things which make for peace – this is Jesus and they rejected Him who is Peace

your eyes are hidden – a spirit of blindness and slumber came over Israel and has come over the body of Christ – Rev 3:14-18

vs43 – 44 — 40 years from this time in Luke 19, Rome destroyed the city of Jerusalem and the temple

The Time of Your Visitation

-this is a season of grace from the Lord to earth.  the season of grace now is the Visitation of the Holy Spirit to earth through the body of Christ and personally Himself

a. a time of visitation is happening right now on earth – Acts 2:38-39 & 17-21; 1 Chronicles 12:32

b. a time of visitation can be missed – Luke 19:44

-busyness…Christianity light….

To see a Time of Visitation from the Lord, some things must occur:

1. We need to possess a spirit of courage – Joshua 1:6-7

courage – is standing up for what is right and speaking up for what is wrong

-it is what we are for, seeing what is wrong and bringing solutions 

Ex:  Paul at Mars Hill in the book of Acts

2. We need to make an appeal to the King – 2 Kings 8:3-6

-making an appeal is a time of prayer

-the word appeal mans to call or cry out to the Lord

-it speaks of a sense of urgency and gets the Lord’s attention

Num 12:13 – Moses appeal to see Miriam healed

Exodus 5:8 – before Israel was delivered from bondage

Ps 34:17 & 107:16 – deliverance from the Lord because of an appeal from David

-we must do more than pray.  We must evangelize too……

3. EVANGELIZE – 2 Timothy 4:5

-the church in America has turned inward

-to get the body of Christ in America fired up to evangelize, they must be revived

Revival – means to bring back to life again

means to receive an invasion from heaven

it is a visible evidence that God is at work

-it is an alarm clock from heaven that wakes us up and startles us

2 Ways To Revive The Body of Christ

1. through the supernatural touch of the manifest presence of the lord

-this comes through constant intercession

2. By realizing that revival is an individual spiritual experience

-revival is each believer being set on fire by the Lord and staying passionate for Him

a. to see revival in our lives, there isa price to pay in our walk and personal devotion time with Jesus

b. we must want more

-more of His presence, more of His love, more of His zeal, more of His grace…more and more and more…

4. WE NEED A HOLY HUNGER – Matthew 5:4

-are we still hungry for Jesus?     are we still thirsty for Him?

we must develop a divine discontentment of where our nation and world is at and where we are at with the Lord…

-we must pursue Him – Phil 3:4

-we must be relentless – means persistent…decisive…unyielding…adamant…steadfast…constant…unstoppable…tenacious

-Pursue the Lord and everything associated with Him…