“A Call to the Nation” part II

Joel 2

v1 – blow the trumpets and sound an alarm

-this is a warning from the Lord to get back to Him and that He is coming back soon

-it will happen just as the sun rises and sets

-we know something is up because of the signs upon planet earth

-these warnings from the are Him giving people second chances to turn to Him

v12 – Now – do it now – today is the day of salvation

turn – come back…turn around

-with all of you heart – with your innermost being

to me – Jesus Christ

a. who is Gracious, loving and kind – v13

b. relents – it speaks of recalling His Word and replacing it with blessings

a. the Lord desires to bless you

What are the blessings that we will receive when we turn to the Lord?


v16 – the Lord will cause the earth to bring forth provision

-provision will come as people turn to the Lord – Matthew 6:33

-The Lord will provide abundantly – overflowing  – Lk 6:38/Jn 10:10/James 1:5/Eph 3:20

a. v24 – full and overflow

b. v26 – you wil leave all of the food that you want

     A. The church will then be satisfied

-only the Lord satisfies

-you will not be disappointed – v26b

     B. The church will not be a reproach

-speaks of being a disgrace…being a bad witness

-if we are followers of Jesus Christ, provision should due there


-to renew, revive, refresh

-on everyone – the Lord is not a respecter of persons

-when people turn to Jesus Christ

What happens when the Lord pours out His Spirit?

A. you sense His presence – v27a

*there are 4 levels of the presence of the Lord…

     1. omnipresence – the Lord is everywhere theologically

     2. abiding presence – He dwells in us

     3. heavenly presence – this speaks of God’s presence in heaven

     4. manifest presence – a tangible anointing and presence of God that becomes visible as people are being touched by the Holy Spirit

B. The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ becomes the priority – v27b

-you will not be disappointed

-there is no other god besides Jesus

-He will defeat all of our enemies – v20

(the Lord has done great things)

C. The signs on planet earth begin to increase

Matthew 24:29-30 & Luke 21:20-28

-blood, fire and vapor of smoke

***blood is war, killings and violence

***fire – is oil wells and towns burning

***smoke – from war, burning oil fields, and bombs going off

D. Salvation – Joel 2:32

-people will be delivered from sin and saved

-to be saved, call on the lord – only Jesus saves

-the Lord calls everyone to be saved — those who surrender to that call are saved