1 Peter – The Glory Of God

 1 Peter
                               The Glory Of God
***The word GLORY is found 9 times in the book of First Peter
***Peter saw the glory of God during the transfiguration of Jesus in Mark 9
***Moses prayed in Exodus 33 – “Please show me Your glory.”
(1.) THE GLORY OF GOD PRODUCES MORE – Haggai 2:6-9 & Ps 115:14-15
-the two most important things in a church are Jesus and His presence
-the glory of God is the weight of the Lord’s presence that can be felt and sensed
***When the glory of God recognizes and increases in the glory of God, MORE is produced and increases….
                  2 THINGS TO NOTE:
         1. God is the God of MORE
-The Lord has an abundance for us and blessings for us
James 1:5…John 10:10…Eph 3:20…Psalm 115:14-15
         2. The Lord produces MORE Himself and through the believer…
The Prophet Haggai said that the glory of the new and rebuilt temple would be greater than the glory of the old past temple……
-this relates to today as the glory of the Lord will be greater now and in the future, than it has been in the past which means MORE will happen and occur……
***An example os Moses
-the glory and presence of God was upon Moses
-Moses was a mountain man – Moses was always with the Lord in the mountains
-the glory of God does not stop problems, obstacles, and difficulties from happening.
These are RED SEA experiences…
                RED SEA RULES
(1.) WE MUST PRAY – EXODUS 14:10
-cried out – means to roar, shriek, to call out loud,  a loud humming noise
-Crying out prayer is James 5:16 prayer
-Crying out to the lord moves God
(2.) MOVE FORWARD – Exodus 14:15
-you can cry out to the Lord, but now it is time to get busy & move forward
Move Forward In Two Ways:
           1. KNOWING THE LORD IS WITH YOU – Exodus 14:1-2
Stand on the Word of God – Heb 13:5
-The Lord will prove that He is with you – Ex 13:21 & 14:19-20
-faith knows – the Lord is going to do it
-faith stands on a promise – v15
-the Red Sea opened up progressively some commentaries believe as Israel took steps forward
-The God who led you in will also lead you out…
(3.) NEVER PLACE GOD IN A BOX – Exodus 14:21-22
-our God can do anything – He is unpredictable
-we may not know how the Lord is going to something, but He will do something…
-Matthew 17:27 – paying taxes by fishing…
We praise the Lord because we are grateful…
-when you receive MORE from Jesus, it is time to praise Him
-this is the first recorded song in scripture – Exodus 15:1-2
-Israel reacted with a volcano of praise…