1 Peter – Chapter 1 v 6 – 12

1 Peter

                                         Chapter One
                                             vs 6-12
Trials – v6 – means to experience suffering
“You have been grieved.”
-Trials will come to every believer/a guarantee
-the more you follow Jesus the more the enemy will strike
-Progress without pain usually is not possible
-embrace trials and allow them to help you grow
“A little while” – 3 powerful words…….
-Trials do not last all of the time – difficult seasons and times
-Do not listen to the devil’s language – never, always, everything and nothing
-“IF NECESSARY”  “At Times”
-to see if we are genuine, real and authentic
(4) TRIALS ARE SURVIVABLE – vs6-8 and 1 Corinthians 10:13
-You are going to make it through every trial
***How can we make it through every trial that comes our way?
(1) Through the Lord being with us – v8
-we have not seen Him with physical eyes, but by having a personal relationship with Him
-we believe in many things that we have not seen – bacteria…Abraham Lincoln
-believing – to make a committment/placing our faith in the Lord
(2) We have various or many graces – v6 and 1 Peter 4:10
-the word various means many colored
-there are many colored trials – financial, addictions, marriage, car problems, business and health trials
-Paul had a thorn in the flesh – a trial – 2 Cor 12:1-7
thorn – we get the word stake from this word
-Jesus told Paul that His grace is sufficient for this trial
-Paul’s trial was like a wooden stake that was driven in his heart. The hurt and pain was real…
-There are also various or many colored graces for every trial that comes our way
(3) We have Joy – vs6 and 8
Nehemiah 8:10 – joy produces strength…….
a. Rejoicing is an internal joy
-rejoicing isn’t always an outside reaction, especially during trials
b. Rejoicing is a command
-we need to be glad because we are commanded to be glad
–we can be glad because the Lord is coming back – v6
–we can be glad because we are going to heaven – v8
a. there are various trials – finances